Disney Announces ‘Frozen 4’ in Development Alongside ‘Frozen 3’

# Disney CEO Bob Iger Teases “Frozen 4” Alongside “Frozen 3”

## Big News for “Frozen” Fans: A Possible Double Sequel in the Works

In a cheerful announcement on “Good Morning America,” Disney CEO Bob Iger has hinted that “Frozen” fans could be in for a double treat with potential plans for both “Frozen 3” and “Frozen 4” in development at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Following the celebratory opening of the World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland, Iger shared that Jennifer Lee, the creative force and co-director behind the successful “Frozen” films, is diligently crafting not one but two sequels for the beloved franchise.

### “Frozen 3 and Maybe 4”

Iger playfully stated, “Frozen 3 is underway and maybe Frozen 4 too,” showcasing a jovial enthusiasm about the potential sequels. Yet, he kept details close to his chest, adding, “But right now I don’t have much to say about those movies.” He confirmed, though, that Lee is busy working with her Disney animation team on a duo of stories featuring the characters from Arendelle.

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### A Franchise of Enormous Success

“Frozen” has been nothing short of a gold mine for Disney, with its original installment celebrating its tenth anniversary on November 27 and boasting an extraordinary $1.28 billion in global box office earnings. Its sequel, “Frozen 2,” surpassed this with a whopping $1.45 billion, making it one of the highest-grossing films of Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Back in February 2023, during a quarterly earnings call, Iger announced the development of “Frozen 3” alongside other highly anticipated sequels: “Toy Story 5” and “Zootopia 2.” Although details regarding these upcoming features were scant, the news set a buzz of excitement among Disney enthusiasts.

### Expanding the “Frozen” Universe

Beyond the silver screen, “Frozen” continues to expand its magical universe. The release of “Disney Frozen: Forces of Nature,” a pioneering podcast series, weaves a fresh narrative following the events of “Frozen 2.” It is unclear if the podcast’s storyline will intertwine with the forthcoming “Frozen” films, but another adventure in Arendelle is eagerly welcomed by fans of the series.

## Anticipation for the Next Chapter

The confirmation of “Frozen 3” and the tease of a “Frozen 4” have sparked anticipation and speculation among Disney’s audience. While we await further details on these potential sequels, the success of the franchise’s past, and the ongoing passion for the world and characters of “Frozen,” promise a warm reception for Elsa and Anna’s next cinematic journey.

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