Deadpool’s Director Adapts Alien Legion for Screen

# ‘Alien Legion’ Set for Big Screen Debut Under the Direction of Tim Miller

The world of sci-fi comics is about to come to life as the legendary series ‘Alien Legion’ gets ready for its Hollywood close-up, with none other than ‘Deadpool’ director Tim Miller at the helm.

## Warner Bros. Strikes Deal for Space Opera Franchise

In a recent reveal by The Hollywood Reporter, it’s been announced that Warner Bros. has successfully acquired the rights to the classic Marvel comic book series ‘Alien Legion’. Fans are already buzzing at the news, with the series being touted as the “French Foreign Legion in space.” Tim Miller, celebrated for his work on ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’, is slated to direct the project, aiming to convert the widely acclaimed comic into a blockbuster space opera franchise.

## The Story of the Nomad Force

Set in the far reaches of the future, ‘Alien Legion’ takes readers on a thrilling journey with the Nomad Force, a ragtag team of mercenaries drawn from the dregs of three different galaxies. This fearsome squad serves as an interstellar peacekeeping force, reminiscent of the French Foreign Legion, renowned for recruiting mercenaries with minimal questions asked.

![Image credit: Carl Potts.](

The comic follows the tale of the humanoid Torie Montroc, who is forced by his affluent family to join the Alien Legion to secure his inheritance. The storyline weaves through the lives of various striking characters including the formidable Captain Sarigar, the fierce Jugger Grimrod, and other alien soldiers like Tamra and Meiko.

## A Resilient Series with a Storied Past

Created by the talented trio of Carl Potts, Alan Zelenetz, and Frank Cirocco, ‘Alien Legion’ made its debut under Marvel’s Epic Comics imprint in 1983 and continued its publication until 1990. However, the franchise saw a comeback with Titan Comics in 2014, featuring the series ‘Alien Legion: Uncivil War’ with contributions from Potts and screenwriter Chuck Dixon.

This is not the first attempt to adapt ‘Alien Legion’ into other media. In 1995, Carl Potts wrote a TV script that was picked up by MGM and revised by ‘Back to the Future’ writer Bob Gale for a pilot that never materialized. Dimension Films secured the rights in 2000, but their efforts also folded.

The rights journeyed to Jerry Bruckheimer and The Walt Disney Company in 2009, ushering in a short-lived collaboration with ‘Game of Thrones’ showrunner David Benioff. Creative differences eventually led Tim Miller to walk away from Disney’s iteration of the project.

## A New Chapter with Veteran Producers

With the direction now secured under Tim Miller, producers Don Murphy and Susan Montford from Angry Films, alongside Aaron Ryder, are charged with bringing the vision to life.

As anticipation builds for the ‘Alien Legion’ adaptation, comic book movie enthusiasts have more to look forward to with Sony’s ‘Madame Web’. Check out the first trailer for a glimpse into the future of comic book cinema.

Stay tuned for more updates on ‘Alien Legion’ as they emerge, and brace yourself for a sci-fi adventure of epic proportions as it transitions from page to the silver screen.

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