Gaza’s Biggest Hospital Decries Power and Water Shortage

# Gaza’s Largest Hospital Confronts Severe Resource Shortage Amidst Conflict

The Dire State of Al Shifa Medical Center

CAIRO (Sputnik) – Al Shifa medical center, which stands as the largest hospital in the troubled Gaza Strip, is currently facing an acute shortage of essential supplies including water, food, and electricity. Mohamed Abu Salmiya, the head of the hospital, has publicly denounced the dire situation that has left the medical facility in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

Infrastructure Damage and Supply Cut

Abu Salmiya reveals that the Israeli Army was responsible for the destruction of the hospital’s primary water supply system. Compounding the absence of water, the hospital is also bereft of oxygen reserves, placing critical strain on the delivery of healthcare services. Nevertheless, the medical staff remains committed to their duty, refusing to abandon the patients who are wholly dependent on their care in this time of crisis.

A Hospital Under Siege

Described by the head of Al Shifa as “a big prison without water, electricity, or food,” the medical center has become an emblem of the larger humanitarian struggle in the region. Abu Salmiya emphasizes the situation by stating, “We will stay with the wounded and the sick, we will only go with them.” Despite these circumstances, the hospital has maintained a stance of non-aggression, asserting that “not a single bullet was fired” from the premises against Israeli forces.

Hindered Medical Operations and Communication Blackout

The hospital is reportedly under constant surveillance by drones, with snipers also present in the area. These conditions have rendered movement between buildings unsafe, and have interrupted communication between doctors within the hospital itself. The logistical blockade has even led to casualties remaining inside the premises, unable to be moved. Health Minister Mai Al Kaila has corroborated the communication blackout, acknowledging the lack of information regarding the situation on the ground at Al Shifa.

Military Operations and Civilian Casualties

As per the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), a command center along with infrastructure and weapons belonging to the Palestinian Hamas movement were discovered within the hospital’s territory. This has led to intensified military operations, including the demolition of large sections of the medical complex by Israeli forces, as reported by Arab media outlets.

The Tumultuous Escalation of Hostilities

Following an unprecedented attack by Hamas on October 7th, which involved the launching of thousands of missiles and an armed incursion into southern Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared the nation “is at war.” In response to the aggression, Israel mobilized a substantial force of 360,000 reservists and initiated a series of heavy aerial bombardments over Gaza. Israeli troops have also entered Gaza with a dual mission to demolish Hamas infrastructure and rescue hostages.

International Pleas for Peace

The conflict has left a heavy toll, with reports indicating approximately 11,500 civilian deaths in Gaza – predominantly children and women – and over 1,200 deaths in Israel. Numerous countries and international bodies have implored both sides to cease hostilities. Voices advocating for a two-state solution surge in the wake of the violence, echoing the UN’s discernment in 1947. Despite its acceptance of the two-state principle, Israel has yet to fully withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Global Perspective on the Conflict

International attention remains focused on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as it provokes a spectrum of reactions and consequences across the globe. The conflict’s impact is not lost on Latin American countries, with speculation mounting over the potential implications for nations like Brazil, following a diplomatic distancing from Israel.

Closing Remarks

This article was based on news reported by Sputnik World. For further details, please refer to the original publication. As the situation develops, Al Shifa medical center highlights the human cost and complex consequences of protracted conflict in the Middle East.

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