Disney Seeks Netflix Expansion with Non-Marvel, Non-Star Wars Series

# Disney’s Selective Content Sharing Strategy with Netflix

Disney, the media and entertainment powerhouse known for its vast array of beloved characters and stories, is currently engaged in strategic negotiations with the leading streaming service, Netflix. While a symbiotic partnership is being forged, Disney is drawing a definitive line when it comes to its most prized assets.

## Negotiations with Netflix: A Balance of Power

In the ever-competitive streaming landscape, Disney CEO Bob Iger shared during the fourth quarter 2023 earnings call, that the company is in discussions to license more of its content to Netflix. This announcement follows on the heels of Warner Bros.’ decision to begin granting content licenses to Netflix. However, Iger emphasized that Disney plans to “continue” licensing only part of its content, with a notable exclusion of its “core brands” such as Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar.

“We are in talks with them about some opportunities, but I don’t expect us to license our core brands to them,” Iger clarified, acknowledging the inherent value and competitive edge these franchises bring to Disney. “They are real and differentiating competitive advantages for us,” he asserted.

## Preserving Critical Assets

Iger reinforced the significance of Disney’s marquee properties, referring to them as “very, very important building blocks for the future of our streaming business.” He pointed out that relinquishing the exclusivity of these brands would not align with Disney’s long-term strategic interests. Iger’s commentary aligns with his prior stance, wherein he likened licensing Disney content to other platforms to “selling nuclear weapons technology to a Third World country,” a practice that they’ve since reassessed in favor of a more thoughtful approach.

## Disney+: A Platform of Original Sagas

Disney’s reluctance to share its crown jewels with its streaming competitor comes as no surprise, given its aggressive pursuit of creating original content for its own platform, Disney+. Since its inception in 2020, Disney+ has been a launchpad for wildly successful series, such as “Marvel’s WandaVision” and “Star Wars series The Mandalorian.” The platform has also strategically released cinema films on Disney+ shortly following their theatrical debuts, a move that has been met with enthusiasm from subscribers.

In conclusion, Disney’s negotiation with Netflix represents a careful balancing act—finding a common ground for cooperation while protecting the exclusivity and allure of its most valuable franchises. As the company continues to bolster its streaming offering with original productions and strategic licensing agreements, the future of Disney+ looks to intertwine innovation with the magic that has long captivated audiences around the world.

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