Pikmin 4 Hits Record 2.5M Sales, Becomes Top Series Game

# Pikmin 4 Shatters Series Sales Records as the Best-selling Pikmin Game Ever

## Nintendo Switch Exclusive Hits a New Milestone

Nintendo has proudly announced that *Pikmin 4* has become the most successful installment in the beloved Pikmin franchise. The Nintendo Switch-exclusive title has reached a remarkable sales milestone, having sold 2.5 million units since its release in July. This impressive feat has catapulted *Pikmin 4* past the worldwide sales of its predecessors to become the best-selling Pikmin game in history.

## The Rise of Pikmin 4: A Strategic Expansion

The sales surge of *Pikmin 4* didn’t happen by accident. Nintendo’s strategy involved leveraging the massive user base of the Nintendo Switch, which boasts over 130 million units sold. Before *Pikmin 4*’s arrival, Nintendo worked to expand the game’s outreach. The company introduced Pikmin Easter eggs to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios and the Super Mario Bros. movie. They also released HD versions of *Pikmin 1* and *Pikmin 2* on the Switch, bringing the series back into the spotlight and building anticipation for *Pikmin 4*.

## Cultural Influence and Merchandising in Japan

In Japan, where the Pikmin series holds a special place in the hearts of gamers, Nintendo took a unique approach to promotion. The company aired short Pikmin contests on train screens across the country and launched an array of Pikmin merchandise. This strategic placement allowed for frequent, delightful encounters with the world of Pikmin, heightening enthusiasm for the game’s fourth iteration.

## A Look Back at Pikmin’s Legacy

Tracing back to its roots, the first *Pikmin* game emerged on the Nintendo GameCube in 2001, sparking excitement with its innovative gameplay and charming characters. This was followed by *Pikmin 2* and *Pikmin 3*. In addition, legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto released a series of Pikmin short films that enjoyed widespread popularity, with over 440 million views. The series also expanded into the mobile space with *Pikmin Bloom*, a game developed by Niantic, renowned for creating the hit game Pokemon GO.

## The Nostalgic Allure of Pikmin 4

Much of *Pikmin 4*’s appeal lies in the sense of nostalgia it evokes. Many of the original *Pikmin* players are now parents themselves and find joy in sharing the Pikmin experience with their children. This family-friendly aspect has played a significant role in the game’s success, particularly in Japan, where the advertising campaign for the original game struck a chord with a generation of children who have grown up with the franchise.

## Critical Acclaim and Future Prospects

Critics have praised *Pikmin 4*, asserting that it is a worthy continuation of the series and an expansion that integrates a greater breadth of content seamlessly. Given the success of *Pikmin 4*, it’s reasonable to expect that Nintendo will continue the series in the future, possibly with a *Pikmin 5* to coincide with the platform development timeline.

## Anticipation for the Next-Gen Nintendo Console

Speaking of future hardware, Nintendo is anticipated to launch its next-gen console, tentatively dubbed Switch 2, sometime in 2024. According to reports, the new console will retain the portability feature of the original Switch and opt for an LCD screen to keep costs down. It will still support physical game cartridges, but the question of backward compatibility with existing Switch games remains unanswered.

Nintendo has indicated that the successor to the Switch won’t appear until at least April 2024, and with the company’s focus shifting to a new *The Legend of Zelda* title—dismissing potential DLC for *Tears of the Kingdom*—it’s plausible that this new Zelda installment could be a launch title for the next-gen Nintendo console.

With a strategic promotion, cross-media presence, and nostalgia at play, *Pikmin 4* has firmly planted its roots in gaming history, sprouting success for future Pikmin adventures and setting the stage for the next era of Nintendo gaming.

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