Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch Official Trailer Released

### First Official Glimpse of Hogwarts Legacy for Nintendo Switch Unveiled

Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software have thrilled fans by presenting the much-anticipated first official glimpse of Hogwarts Legacy for the Nintendo Switch, just days shy of its release.

#### The Enchantment Begins: ‘The Magic Awaits’ Trailer

The newly released “The Magic Awaits” trailer treats viewers to over two minutes of bewitching gameplay footage from the highly successful Harry Potter-inspired title, poised to enchant Nintendo Switch users from November 14 onwards. Surprisingly, this marks the first time the publisher and developer have showcased the game’s appearance on the Switch platform despite its earlier release on alternative consoles.

#### Journey into Magic and Mayhem

Through a series of captivating scenes, the trailer chronicles our protagonist’s magical odyssey beginning with the iconic selection of a wand from Ollivander’s well-stocked shelves, followed by the excitement of experiencing their first spell-binding lessons at Hogwarts. More than just school life, the trailer also teases the darker side of the wizarding world – the malicious villains and fearsome creatures that players will inevitably encounter and combat in Hogwarts Legacy.

#### A Sneak Peek into Hogwarts Switch Edition

Prior to the trailer’s revelation, the only visuals provided by Warner Bros. were six screenshots showcasing magical academia, from lessons in Hogwarts’s hallowed classrooms to picturesque views by the Black Lake, and the eerie encounter with in-game specters.

However, an unofficial sneak peek occurred when an early boxed copy of Hogwarts Legacy was inadvertently received and subsequently leaked online, giving fans an unexpected preview of the game.

#### A Staggered Release Schedule

Fans have anxiously awaited the arrival of Hogwarts Legacy on the Nintendo Switch since the initial announcement in March 2022. While the advanced console versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S experienced only minor delays, the Switch edition’s journey to market has been significantly longer. Originally slated for a July 2023 release, it had to be postponed to the now confirmed November launch date.

#### Record-Breaking Success

Despite the wait, Hogwarts Legacy has already solidified its place as a titan within the gaming industry. It was not only the best-selling game of February but also claimed the title of the best-selling game in 2023 thus far. A spellbinding achievement, by May the game had sold an impressive 15 million copies, and Warner Bros. Discovery’s coffers were enriched by an astonishing $1 billion through its sales.

Hogwarts Legacy continues to captivate fans around the globe and with its arrival on Nintendo Switch, the legacy is sure to expand to even greater heights. Witches and wizards, grab your wands – the magic of Hogwarts awaits you this November.

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