Marvel Unveils Greg Weisman’s Latest Comic Series

### The Spectacular Spider-Men: A New Marvel Series by Greg Weisman

Many fans of the web-slinging hero regard The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series as a pinnacle of Spider-Man adaptations across all forms of media. Despite its untimely cancellation, hope is not lost for admirers of the series. There’s good news on the horizon as Greg Weisman, the show’s producer, has been taken onboard by Marvel Comics to pen an exciting new series, aptly named **The Spectacular Spider-Men**.

### Mile Morales Joins Peter Parker in Web-Slinging Adventures

This new comic series is set to bridge generations by bringing together the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, and his younger counterpart, Miles Morales. **The Spectacular Spider-Men** dives into the evolving relationship between the two characters as Peter takes on the role of mentor to the burgeoning hero, Miles.

### Humberto Ramos Brings Characters to Life with Stunning Artwork

The Spectacular Spider-Men will feature artwork from the esteemed Humberto Ramos, known for his work on the Amazing Spider-Man series. Fans can get a glimpse of his artistic vision on the cover of the very first issue showcased below.

![The Spectacular Spider-Men Issue #1 Cover](

### Clones and Challenges Ahead for the Dynamic Duo

Marvel hints at an intriguing narrative in which our heroic duo face off against a familiar adversary – the Jackal. This suggests Peter and Miles might face cloned versions of themselves or other intricate complications in their crime-fighting journey.

### Greg Weisman’s Enthusiasm for a New Spidey Era

Greg Weisman expressed his excitement about jumping back into the Spider-Man world, now with the opportunity to write for both iconic characters. His perspective brings a fresh twist to the mentor-protégé trope, infusing it with reversals and evolving the relationship into a true friendship.

Weisman elaborates, “It’s fun for me, because in this book, I see young Miles trying to show his maturity to his mentor Peter, while older Pete feels free to let his inner 16-year-old self out with Miles.” He continues to praise Humberto Ramos’s artwork as “damn magnificent,” heightening the anticipation for this collaboration.

### Humberto Ramos – Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream

For Humberto Ramos, drawing Spider-Man is not just a job, but the fulfillment of a childhood dream. His passion shines through as he prepares to combine his talent with Weisman’s storytelling. “I love my work,” Ramos says with evident enthusiasm.

### A Dynamic Presence in Videogame Adaptations

The partnership between Peter Parker and Miles Morales is not only present in the comics but has also extended into the realm of video games. Their teamwork and shared heroism featured prominently in the sequel game Spider-Man 2, which has earned accolades for its engaging story and polished gameplay mechanics.

### Mark Your Calendars

Set a reminder for the launch of this highly anticipated series: **The Spectacular Spider-Men #1** hits the shelves on January 17, 2024. This series promises to weave a web of intrigue and camaraderie as two generations of Spider-Men combine forces to battle the forces of evil.

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