Marvel Unveils Upcoming Spider-Punk Comic Series

### Marvel Announces the Return of Spider-Punk in 2024

Comic book enthusiasts and fans of the unconventional superhero Hobie Brown can mark their calendars for an exciting new release. IGN has been given the exclusive scoop that Marvel is set to launch a fresh Spider-Punk comic in February 2024.

### Creative Team Reunites for a New Volume

The upcoming series will see the reunion of the dynamic team that presented the acclaimed *Spider-Punk: Battle of the Banned* in 2022. Screenwriter Cody Ziglar and artist Justin Mason are joining forces once again to continue the journey of the punk rock version of Spider-Man. Complementing the team’s storytelling, the cover art will be crafted by Takashi Okazaki, known for his striking visual style.

#### First Look at Spider-Punk #1

![Art by Takashi Okazaki. (Image Credit: Marvel)](

A preview of the cover for the premiere issue, Spider-Punk #1, has been released, showcasing Okazaki’s impressive artwork that captures the series’ edgy aesthetic. Fans are treated to a visual feast that hints at the vibrant narrative that awaits them.

### A Limited Series Filled with Challenges and Villainy

Spider-Punk’s newest saga is a concise series comprising four volumes. The narrative will delve into the challenges Hobie faces as he confronts the menacing alliance of industrial magnate Justin Hammer and the notorious Doctor Octopus. This narrative arc promises to deliver intense action and further exploration into the realm of Earth-138, complete with new allies and a roster of worthy adversaries.

Cody Ziglar shares the team’s enthusiasm for returning to Spider-Punk’s world, teasing some thrilling additions to the series and a carefully curated compilation of tracks to accompany fans on this adventure – a 100% Spider-Punk Playlist Vol 2 is on the horizon!

### Spider-Punk #1: Feb 2024 Debut

The excitement for Spider-Punk #1’s release is palpable, and fans can look forward to February 2024 for its debut.

### More Spider-Man Adventures on the Horizon

Spider-Punk isn’t the only web-slinging hero getting the spotlight in the upcoming year. Marvel has also announced the release of The Spectacular Spider-Men, which will feature both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. This new series comes from Greg Weisman, producer of The Spectacular Spider-Man, promising to add another rich layer to the Spider-Man universe.

Fans of the Spider-Verse have much to look forward to, with Marvel continuing to expand its comic book offerings and bringing fresh takes on everyone’s favorite wallcrawlers. Keep your eyes peeled for these exciting new adventures swinging into comic book stores and online platforms in 2024.

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