Xi Urges APEC to Reject Trade Politicization

Xi Jinping’s Emphasis on APEC’s Stand Against Trade Politicization

Advocating for Transparent and Open Trade

In recent remarks, Chinese President Xi Jinping voiced a sharp critique of the politicization of trade, a topic he believes the countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) must address with urgency. His comments came amid the APEC summit, a platform for member economies to foster mutual growth and prosperity.

According to a report from Sputnik World, Xi underlined the value of transparent economic practices by declaring that “transparency leads to prosperity, while closedness leads to decline.” Standing firmly on the principles of free enterprise, Xi called for the “support [of] free and open trade and investment,” emphasizing the significance of reinforcing the multilateral trading system centralized around the World Trade Organization (WTO).

APEC Summit in San Francisco

The APEC summit, a week-long event held from November 11 to 17, took place in San Francisco, California. Delegates from the Pacific Rim countries discussed various trade and economic issues, focusing on collaboration and open dialogue. The summit concluded with the United States handing over the pro tempore presidency of APEC to Peru.

Xi Jinping on the Politicization of Trade

Xi Jinping highlighted the concerns regarding the misuse of trade policies in political agendas, remarking that nations should “[counter] the politicization of trade and economic issues, as well as their weaponization and the confusion of the concept of security in this area.”

Pointing out the repercussions that come with a narrow-minded approach to trade, Xi urged for policies that foster stability and ensure the efficient operation of global industrial and supply chains.

About APEC’s Role and Mission

APEC is recognized as a premier forum for facilitating economic growth, cooperation, trade, and investment in the Asia-Pacific region. As a cooperative, multi-lateral economic platform, APEC operates through non-binding commitments and relies heavily on open dialogue among its member economies.

Looking Forward to Peru’s Leadership

With the APEC baton passed to Peru, there is anticipation surrounding the country’s approach to leadership within the forum. The transition signifies a new chapter for APEC as it continues to navigate the complex landscape of international trade and economic cooperation.

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The perspectives and conviction expressed by President Xi Jinping underscore the ongoing conversation about the complex interplay of politics and economics on the international scene. Observers around the globe are keen to see how APEC’s economies adapt and respond to the call for a less politicized, more open world of trade.

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