Xbox Updates Game Pass Roster for Late Nov 2023

# Exciting Updates for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers This November

## Mid-Month Announcements and Anticipations

We’re already at the midpoint of November, and for gaming enthusiasts, this period comes with a hint of excitement. Not only is Black Friday inching closer, but there’s also buzz about Microsoft gearing up to refresh the Xbox Game Pass roster. This subscription service by Microsoft kicked off the month by introducing eight novel games to its collection, and now, it’s gearing up to roll out three more enthralling titles.

As of today, November 14, 2023, subscribers can dive into the world of “Coral Island”. This engaging title is now available on the cloud and on Xbox Series X|S, offering a new adventure for members to explore.

## Upcoming Titles to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

There’s a fresh lineup poised to join the Xbox Game Pass offerings before the end of November 2023. Eager subscribers can mark their calendars for these dates, as three new titles make their way to the platform:

1. **Persona 5 Tactics** – Set your strategies in motion as this game arrives on the cloud, console, and PC on November 17.
2. **Dune: Spice Wars** – Get ready for the clash of dynasties on cloud and console, available starting November 28.
3. **Rollerdrome** – Experience the adrenaline on cloud, Xbox Series X|S, and PC as it rolls out on November 28.

## Say Farewell to These Titles Leaving Xbox Game Pass

![Image credits: Microsoft.](

As exciting as the new arrivals are, it’s just as important to note the games that are soon exiting the Xbox Game Pass universe. On November 30, the following games will bid adieu to the service, so make sure to get your last sessions in before they’re gone:

– **Anvil** (cloud, console, and PC).
– **Battlefield 1943** (console) – Part of EA Play.
– **Battlefield: Bad Company** (console) – Also from EA Play.
– **Battlefield: Bad Company 2** (console and PC) – Another EA Play title.
– **Disc Room** (cloud, console, and PC).
– **Eastward** (cloud, console, and PC).
– **Grid** (console) – Featured on EA Play.

## A Continual Stream of Quality Content

Xbox Game Pass continues to impress its subscribers, delivering top-notch titles that cater to diverse gaming tastes. From games that resonate with fans of Stardew Valley to cutting-edge titles with graphics that dazzle, the service is a treasure trove for gamers. Moreover, a recent update to the service now clearly indicates if a game you’re engrossed in is set to leave the Xbox Game Pass soon, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

Remember, as the month progresses, keep an eye out for these game changers in the Xbox Game Pass library, and make the most of the titles before they take their final bow. It’s all part of the ever-evolving and thrilling world of gaming that Microsoft’s service provides to its community.

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