Venezuelan, Colombian Leaders Aim for Broader Collaboration after Talks

Venezuela and Colombia Aim to Strengthen Bilateral Ties Following Leadership Meeting in Caracas

Historic Meeting Between Maduro and Petro

In a significant move towards strengthening diplomatic ties, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and Colombian President Gustavo Petro convened in Caracas on the afternoon of November 18, 2023. This meeting marked a critical step in bolstering the cooperation between the two neighboring countries across various sectors including commercial, economic, political, and social dimensions.

Miraflores Palace: A Venue for Diplomacy

The official gathering took place at Miraflores Palace, the executive mansion and office of the President of Venezuela. The state channel Venezuelan Television reported on this event, highlighting its importance in expanding the map of strategic, binational cooperation.

Agenda of Cooperation

According to a tweet by the Colombian Presidency, the discussions between Maduro and Petro were to cover crucial areas such as migration, energy transition, and climate change. The tweet included a sentiment that the “two sister nations will work to face together the looming phenomenon of the child.”

Previous Engagements and a Show of Culture

Before the landmark meeting, President Petro had attended the International Book Fair taking place at the Círculo Militar of Caracas, where he presented his autobiography, aptly titled “One Life, Many Lives.” His presence at the fair underscored the cultural and educational interests shared by the two nations.

Petro’s International Engagement at APEC

Arriving from a global stage, President Petro touched down at Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía from the United States, where he participated in the APEC Leaders’ Summit in San Francisco, California. This event was attended by representatives from China, Mexico, Chile, Japan, and several other countries, demonstrating Colombia’s active role in international economic dialogues.

Revival of Diplomatic Relations

This meeting was President Petro’s fourth official visit to Venezuela since the resumption of diplomatic relations following his electoral triumph in 2022. This rekindled relationship marked a departure from the previous government’s isolationist stance and anti-Chavism, which characterized the tenure of his predecessor, Iván Duque.

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