Unexpected Nominee Shocks at Game Awards

# The Game Awards Nomination Stir Controversy Amidst Bungie Layoffs

## Contending Titles and Contention

The excitement for the Game Awards typically kicks off with the much-anticipated **announcement of the nominated games**. However, it’s common knowledge that **not everyone’s favorites make the cut**. Occasionally, some noticeable snubs leave both fans and industry insiders puzzled. Equally contentious can be titles that do receive nominations, sometimes prompting the question of whether they truly belong there.

## “Best Community Support” Nomination Sparks Debate

The nominees for the “Best Community Support” category this year included **Baldur’s Gate 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XIV, and No Man’s Sky**. Yet, one game in particular, **Destiny 2**, has ignited fierce discussions. The controversy isn’t about Destiny 2’s lack of merit for community support in 2023, but rather the poor timing of its nomination.

**Bungie, Destiny 2’s developer**, recently made headlines for **laying off numerous employees**, many of whom were involved in community engagement efforts. Critics argue that celebrating the game’s nomination during this period minimizes the value of the community support sector within the gaming industry.

## Industry Voices Speak Out

Liana Rupert, formerly a Community Manager at Bungie, voiced her discontent with The Game Awards’ decision on Twitter. She praised her colleagues Cozmo, Bruno, Iván, and Timón for their unwavering defence of players, highlighting how their efforts often redirected bad decisions and enhanced good ones – labor that mostly goes unrecognized by the wider community.

Griffin Bennett, who previously managed social media before the layoffs at Bungie, also weighed in with a stark reminder: **the quality of your work often doesn’t outweigh your expendability to a company**.

## Anticipation for the Awards Night

All eyes are now on December 7th, when the winners for each category will be announced. Should Destiny 2 win the “Best Community Support” accolade, it will no doubt be received with mixed feelings, especially by those affected by the recent layoffs at Bungie.

The gaming community at large, as well as the industry’s workforce, eagerly await the outcomes, mindful that the recognition extended by The Game Awards can sometimes harbor its own narrative, one detached from the internal struggles and triumphs of game development and maintenance.

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