UN Russian Envoy: Gaza Conflict Reveals Western Hypocrisy

Russian Diplomat Highlights Western Double Standards in Gaza War

The recent conflict in Gaza has shed light on the double standards of Western countries, according to a Russian diplomat at the United Nations.

UN Perspective on Western Reactions

Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Dmitri Polianski, has brought attention to the West’s inconsistent approach to international conflicts, stating that they are hesitant to condemn Israel’s actions. Polianski criticized Western countries for their reluctance to openly discuss and address the issues surrounding Israel’s military response in Gaza.

Accusations of Double Standards

Polianski remarked that allies of the United States are unwilling to create a rift with Washington. He noted that the US vetoing a draft resolution on Gaza proposed by Brazil in the UN Security Council is a clear indication of underlying disagreements. “Unfortunately, the Security Council is paralyzed due to this US position,” Polianski expressed.

Call for International Cooperation

The diplomat emphasized the necessity of international cooperation in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Stating the optimal resolve to be the peaceful coexistence of two states within the 1967 borders, Polianski pointed out that Russia’s stance on Israel and its actions has not changed following the Gaza war. He reassured that Russia has always maintained a critical position towards Israel’s actions in the occupied territories, which is well-recognized by Israel itself.

Condemning Extremism and Law Violations

Moscow’s view on the hostilities does not favor either side as Polianski clarified that Russia condemns the actions of Hamas as well as Israel’s violations of international humanitarian law.

The Escalation of Conflict in Gaza

In a significant escalation of violence, Hamas launched a barrage of missiles from the Gaza Strip on October 7, leading Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare that the country was at war. In response, the Israeli Army mobilized hundreds of thousands of reservists and initiated a forceful aerial bombardment campaign over Gaza. Late in October, Israeli forces entered Gaza with the objectives of dismantling Hamas infrastructure and rescuing hostages.

Humanitarian Crisis and Ceasefire Calls

Since October 9, Gaza has been deprived of essential provisions, forcing civilians to relocate to southern parts of the enclave where international humanitarian aid arrives sporadically through the Rafah crossing bordering Egypt. Amid the escalating crisis, calls for a ceasefire have been mounting, and many nations are advocating for a two-state solution as the ultimate path to enduring peace in the region.

Toll of the Conflict

The hostilities have been catastrophic in terms of human life and suffering. Official data states that the conflict has resulted in approximately 1,200 deaths and nearly 5,500 injuries in Israel, while in Gaza, there have been close to 11,200 deaths, more than 4,600 of which were minors, and over 28,000 injuries.

Staying Informed

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As tensions continue to simmer and the international community grapples with the complexities of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the necessity for a diplomatic solution and upholding of humanitarian law remains as pressing as ever.

Article Source: Sputnik World

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