UN: 70% in Gaza May Lack Water Today

Urgent Water Crisis Hits Gaza as 70% Face Drinking Water Shortage

The humanitarian situation in Gaza has reached a critical point, with the UN announcing a severe water crisis that is set to affect the majority of the enclave’s population.

The Looming Catastrophe

According to the United Nations, the night of November 15th marked a catastrophic turning point for Gazans, with 70% of the population no longer having access to potable water. This alarming situation raises significant health and sanitation concerns, which could worsen as the crisis deepens.

UNRWA’s Alarm

In a somber declaration, Philippe Lazzarini, the Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), highlighted the dire nature of the crisis. Thomas White, the director of UNRWA in Gaza, indicated that a mere half-tanker of fuel had made it into the territory. This insufficient amount was then further restricted by Israeli authorities, only permitting its use for the transportation of humanitarian aid from the Rafah crossing. The available fuel stands at a meager 9% of the daily demand, a figure that is not nearly enough to address the needs of the population.

The Escalation of Conflict

The situation has been exacerbated by recent hostilities, with the Palestinian faction Hamas launching thousands of missiles and carrying out armed incursions, prompting the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to declare that Israel is at war. In retaliation, the Israeli Army mobilized a staggering 360,000 reservists and began intense aerial bombardments, ending the month with a ground operation aimed at dismantling Hamas’ infrastructure and rescuing hostages.

Human Cost of the Conflict

The international community has witnessed the heavy toll of this conflict, with 11,500 civilian casualties, including women and children, in Gaza, and over 1,200 deaths reported in Israel. This escalating violence underlines the urgency for peace and stability in the region.

Call for Peace

The whispers of peace have turned into a chorus, demanding a two-state solution as the only path to lasting peace—a proposal backed by the UN since 1947. Israel, while verbally committing to this principle, continues to occupy Palestinian territories, with no definitive steps towards withdrawal.

Need for Immediate Action

Without access to clean water, the situation in Gaza is nothing short of dire. The UNRWA’s operation hangs by a thread, and the people of Gaza cannot wait any longer. In the words of Lazzarini, “Having fuel only for trucks will no longer save lives. A longer wait will cost lives.”

It is imperative that the international community, Israel, and Palestinian authorities work collaboratively to address the humanitarian needs and push for a diplomatic resolution to this enduring conflict. Gaza’s future—and very lives—hang in the balance.

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