Turok 3 Remaster Out Early on Switch, Riddled with Bugs

# Turok 3 Remastered Unveiled Early with Glitches on Nintendo Switch

## Premature Launch in Europe and Oceania

In an unexpected turn of events, *Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Remastered* made its unscheduled debut on the Nintendo Switch for gamers in Europe and Oceania. This early release was confirmed by Nightdive Studios, the company responsible for the remastered version, warning players that the game contains several unresolved errors.

## Nightdive Studios Apologizes for the Mix-Up

Nightdive, the powerhouse behind the critically-acclaimed System Shock remake, has openly expressed regret over the remaster’s premature launch. Anticipation was set for a November 30th release across all platforms, but plans were upended when *Turok 3 Remastered* impulsively landed on the Europe and Oceania eShop on November 14. The developer remarked, “This was not the plan.”

## Early Release Accompanied by Bugs and Missing Features

Although now accessible for purchase on the eShop, Nightdive cautioned that *Turok 3 Remastered* is currently riddled with “known bugs and missing quality of life features.” Players may encounter a system crash while navigating the initial character selection menu or face absent invincibility functions, among other issues. To rectify these flaws, a patch is earmarked for release in mid-December.

## Players Advised: Game Currently Incomplete

It is noteworthy that the eShop page for *Turok 3* lacks any warnings about the game’s bugs or absent elements. Nightdive Studios explained that the game’s most recent update is still under review by Nintendo of Europe, thereby causing the delay. The developer reassured other platform users that they will receive the revised and error-free version of the game on November 30. Nightdive thanked their community for their patience and support as they work diligently to resolve these unforeseen problems.

## Conclusion of Nightdive’s Work on Turok Series?

Nightdive Studios, now under Atari’s wing, has previously released remasters of the first two installments in the legendary Nintendo 64 first-person shooter series. With the release of the *Turok 3* remaster, it seems Nightdive may be finishing their updates for the franchise. “We consider this to be the end of the Turok trilogy,” stated Larry Kuperman, Nightdive’s business development director, in a conversation with IGN. While Nightdive’s mission remains to revive forgotten classics, their 2023 schedule appears very busy following a year of remarkable release momentum. Whether we’ll see more of Turok in the future remains a tantalizing mystery.

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