Touted as Year’s Best Horror Film, Abundant Reasons Why

# When Evil Lurks: The New Scream Sensation

## A New Terror Takes Hold

Do you recollect the chills and thrills that engulfed horror enthusiasts with the release of “Háblame”? Well, brace yourself. There’s a new terror in town that’s sweeping the horror community by storm—**When Evil Lurks**.

This fresh Argentine production has graced screens in several parts of the world, and the reception is no less than hair-raising. Lauded by some as **”the best horror movie of the year,”** this film is garnering attention from fans and critics alike. An enthusiastic Reddit user goes as far as to describe the film as **”shocking, terrifying and beautifully made,”** amidst a shower of other commendations.

## Sneak Peek into the Darkness: “When Evil Lurks” Trailer

Eager for a taste of this spine-chilling story before its widespread release? Feast your eyes on the **When Evil Stalks** trailer for an initial brush with its malevolent atmosphere.

## What Nightmares Are Made Of: The Story of “When Evil Lurks”

Helmed by Demián Rugna, **When Evil Stalks** unfolds in a secluded village plagued by a sinister incident. **”Two brothers stumble upon a man overtaken by evil forces on the cusp of birthing a demon into their serene world,”** the official synopsis reveals. In a frantic bid to avert the infiltration of malevolence, the brothers must face a harrowing reality—**it’s already too late**.

The film’s ensemble cast features an array of talent, including Ezekiel Rodriguez, Luis Ziembrowski, Demian Solomon, Federico Liss, Emilio Vodanovich, Silvina Sabater, Marcelo Michinaux, Desirée Salgueiro, Paula Rubinsztein, and Virginia Garofalo.

## Anticipating the Unseen: When Will Spain Encounter the Evil?

The terror that is **When Evil Stalks** has infiltrated movie theaters in the United States and the United Kingdom and is on the cusp of its Argentine premiere. As for Spanish horror fans, they must mark their calendars for January 19, 2024, for this is when the film will haunt their local theaters. Whether the film will be available on streaming platforms remains a mystery for now.

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## The Critical Split: Audience vs. Reviewers

At this juncture, **When Evil Stalks** has accumulated 92 critic reviews and 50 audience insights. It’s clear that the critics are under its spell, awarding a staggering **99% score on Rotten Tomatoes**. However, the audience response is more tepid, with an approval rating of 57%. As the film has yet to unfold its darkness across other regions, these figures are subject to shift with future viewings.

“When Evil Stalks” seems poised to become a fixture in the conversation about contemporary horror. It’s a chilling reminder of the genre’s power to captivate and horrify, beckoning to all who dare to confront the darkness that lies in wait.

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