Top-Selling Horror Game on Steam Under €10

# Harness the Horror: ‘Lethal Company’ Offers All-Year-Round Scares

## A New Challenger on Steam’s Leaderboard

Halloween may have come and gone, but for enthusiasts of all things spooky, the thrill of terror doesn’t need to be confined to October 31st. And for gamers with a penchant for frights, there’s cause for excitement as indie studio Zeekerss unveils their latest horror masterpiece.

Released last October, ‘Lethal Company’ has rapidly clawed its way up the ranks, securing a coveted spot among Steam’s best-selling games. Its sudden emergence has placed it in an impressive fifth position, rivaling the likes of ‘Call of Duty,’ ‘PUBG: Battlegrounds,’ ‘Counter-Strike 2,’ and even the hardware success, the Steam Deck.

## Overwhelming Approval from the Gamer Community

When it comes to ‘Lethal Company,’ the response from players has been overwhelmingly positive. Although we’re not considering the entire user base of Steam, the subset of gamers who have submitted their opinions is telling. Out of over 8,800 reviews tallied up so far, a stunning 97% have showered the game with accolades.

## Survive Together or Not at All

But what makes ‘Lethal Company’ stand out in the crowded horror genre? It’s the game’s cooperative play that truly sets hearts racing. Players band together, exploring desolate moons in pursuit of valuable scrap metal. While the premise might sound straightforward, the reality is anything but. These moons are teeming with perilous creatures intent on making your foraging a nightmare.

Zeekerss studio issues a grave warning to players: “Things get dangerous at night.” Success relies on unwavering communication and teamwork, ensuring that everyone and everything of value is aboard your ship—no one can be left behind.

![Screenshot from Lethal Company](

## Intense Strategy and Unpredictable Encounters

Your harrowing escapades and accrued scrap metal afford you the chance to enhance your equipment with stylish costumes and ship decorations, or dare to unlock new moons. These new territories promise both greater dangers and rewards, raising the stakes for everyone brave enough to venture forth.

## Accessible Horror at Your Fingertips

The bone-chilling experience of ‘Lethal Company’ isn’t just about basking in the terror; it’s also about accessibility. Currently available in early access on PC via Steam, the game is attractively priced at just 9.75 euros. It’s an invitation to horror fans everywhere to join in the fright fest any day of the year. So turn down the lights, gather your friends, and prepare for a truly lethal company.

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