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# Gearbox Software Announces New DLC for Risk of Rain 2: Seekers of the Storm

## A Week of Mystery and Clues

Risk of Rain 2 fans have been on the edge of their seats lately, piecing together cryptic hints that have been popping up on various platforms. This week, those sleuthing skills paid off when Gearbox Software officially announced the arrival of new downloadable content (DLC) for the popular game.

### Steam Teases New Content

The first breadcrumb was a new Steam page titled “Risk of Rain 2 – EXXXXXXX-X,” which intrigued players with its “coming soon” status. It was clear from the text reading “this content requires the base game Risk of Rain 2 on Steam to play” that something big was on the horizon. Additionally, the page contained mysterious codes alongside the phrase “receiving transmission,” further heightening the anticipation among the fan base.

![Screenshot of the enigmatic Steam page for Risk of Rain 2](

Gamers were also treated to images hinting at what could be expected from the new DLC, showcasing three unique environments—a desolate arid land, a frosty frozen terrain, and a lush green vista. Each vividly teased the variety of challenges and worlds awaiting players.

## Gearbox Software Reveals: Seekers of the Storm

The speculation came to an exciting conclusion when the previously cryptic Steam page was updated with an official statement. Gearbox Software confirmed players’ suspicions, unveiling that the latest expansion would carry the title “Seekers of the Storm.”

### New Horizons for Risk of Rain 2

The “Seekers of the Storm” DLC promises to augment the narrative of Risk of Rain 2, offering a plethora of new content. Players can look forward to engaging with fresh playable characters, exploring novel scenarios, and battling against unfamiliar enemies. Additionally, the expansion will introduce an array of new weapons and much more to enhance the gameplay experience.

While fans are eager for a release date, the details surrounding the launch timeframe remain sparse, with the promise that it will be available “soon.” The DLC is slated for release across multiple platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The excitement is further fueled by an announcement video which you can watch below:

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Introducing Seekers of the Storm, the second expansion for Risk of Rain 2! It expands the game’s story while adding new Survivors, items, enemies, stages, & more. Seekers of the Storm will be available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, & PC! Wishlist: [Link]

— Risk of Rain (@RiskofRain) November 8, 2023

#### DLC Sharing Mechanics

A particularly interesting detail about the “Seekers of the Storm” expansion is its inclusivity; only one player needs to own the DLC to enable its features for their entire game lobby. This means that players who have not purchased the new content can still enjoy the expansion’s new terrain and challenges when playing with someone who has. However, there are strings attached. Without ownership, these players cannot select new survivors or unlock new items, journals, or other content.

## Conclusion

As the anticipation builds for the release of “Seekers of the Storm,” Risk of Rain 2 fans are abuzz with excitement over the new additions that promise to deepen their gaming experience. With a richly expanded story, fresh characters, and engrossing new environments, the latest DLC looks set to take the Risk of Rain 2 community by storm.

Stay tuned and wishlist the DLC on Steam to be among the first to dive into the new adventures that await in “Seekers of the Storm.”

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