Top All-Time Game Joins Apple Via Netflix in 70 Characters

# Hades: A Mythical Adventure Awaits on Apple Devices via Netflix in 2024

## Supergiant Games’ Masterpiece Expands Reach

In a thrilling update for gamers and mythology enthusiasts alike, **Hades**, the critically acclaimed rogue-like game by Supergiant Games, is set to arrive on Apple devices as a part of the Netflix gaming roster in 2024. With its immersive storyline and challenging gameplay, Hades invites players to navigate the treacherous Underworld of Greek mythology, now accessible on a new platform, enabling a seamless gaming experience right at your fingertips.

### No Strings Attached: Pure Gaming Bliss

When Hades lands on iOS through Netflix, players are promised a pure gaming experience identical to its original version—no in-game ads, zero additional fees, and absolutely no in-app purchases. In line with Netflix’s approach to gaming, subscribers will have the convenience of enjoying Hades in its full glory, uninterrupted, and without any extra costs. Prepare to dive into the depths of the Underworld on more devices that support Netflix, hassle-free.

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### Joining the Ranks of Netflix’s Gaming Library

With Hades’ upcoming release on iOS, it joins a burgeoning list of video game titles already available to Netflix subscribers. This lineup includes gems such as *Dead Cells*, *Tomb Raider Reloaded*, *OXENFREE*, *OXENFREE II: Lost Signals*, *Valiant Hearts: Coming Home*, *Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon*, and many others, creating a diverse gaming ecosystem within Netflix’s service.

### Enthusiasm Surrounds the Anticipated Launch

The addition of Hades to Netflix’s gaming collection promises to be a win-win for both players and the developers at Supergiant Games. As more gamers get access to this exceptional title, the studio’s positive anticipation grows, particularly as they diligently work on the next chapter in the series: **Hades 2**, which is slated for an Early Access release in Spring 2024.

Gamers around the world are marking their calendars for these exciting developments. The expansion of Hades to Apple devices through Netflix and the anticipation of Hades 2 is signaling a strong future for Supergiant Games and an evolving landscape for game distribution. Keep your devices ready and your wits sharp – the Greek gods and the challenges of the Underworld await your triumphant escape in 2024.

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