Take-Two Assures GTA 6 On Schedule Despite Voice Actor Strike

# Take-Two CEO Confident Amid Potential Video Game Actors’ Strike

## Ongoing Union Negotiations in the Video Game Industry

The video game industry is amidst a crucial phase as SAG-AFTRA video game actors and prominent gaming companies continue their negotiations for a new union contract. This year has seen significant labor actions, and the threat of a video game actors’ strike is a concern for many in the industry. However, an influential figure, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive—the publisher behind the much-anticipated GTA 6—is unfazed by the possibility of a strike.

## Take-Two’s Assurance on GTA 6’s Schedule

Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two’s CEO, addressed investor concerns regarding the potential impact a strike could have on the release of GTA 6. Unlike the ongoing strike in the TV and film sectors, Zelnick expressed optimism that a resolution would be reached without resorting to a strike among video game actors. He believes the ongoing negotiations will yield positive results, stating, “Negotiations are expected to resume next week. We are optimistic. We highly value all of our talent. We value excellent labor relations, We hope to reach an agreement that benefits everyone.”

Furthermore, Zelnick assured investors that Take-Two has measures in place to ensure GTA 6’s production remains on schedule, irrespective of the negotiation outcomes: “In case they don’t work well now, we are completely protected.”

## Potential Impact of a Video Game Actors’ Strike on GTA 6

As background, the SAG-AFTRA film and television actors are currently on strike while they negotiate a new contract with the Alliance of Film and Television Producers. The video game actors, although not on strike yet, have authorized a possible strike if union negotiators find it necessary. Negotiations have been stagnant for the past few weeks without reaching a resolution.

Should a strike eventuate, game developers such as Take-Two, Activision, EA, Insomniac, and WB Games could face repercussions. Significant negotiation points include actors’ protection from AI substitution, salary hikes to match inflation, mandatory breaks, and the requirement for on-set doctors.

Zelnick’s confidence regarding the non-impact on GTA 6 could suggest that voice recordings for the game are already complete, hinting that the game’s development is nearing completion. As the industry awaits the debut trailer in early December, speculation grows. Additionally, Take-Two’s financial projections are hinting at a possible launch for GTA 6 next year.

In conclusion, the potential strike poses a critical challenge to the video game industry. However, key players such as Take-Two Interactive appear to be prepared, with the CEO’s assurance that the highly anticipated GTA 6 will withstand these industry hurdles and meet its expected timeline for release.

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