Stunning Hogwarts Legacy on Switch: Launch Trailer Revealed

# “Hogwarts Legacy” Makes its Enchanting Debut on Nintendo Switch

### The Wait is Over for Wizarding World Fans

After months of anticipation and unforeseen delays, the much-awaited *Hogwarts Legacy* has at last made its way to the Nintendo Switch platform. This game has been long-awaited by fans of the Harry Potter series, and its release is not just a mere addition to the Nintendo’s roster, it’s a celebration of the Harry Potter universe brought to life in video game form.

### Celebrating with a Launch Trailer

To mark this milestone, Nintendo has released the *Hogwarts Legacy* launch trailer, thrilling fans with a glimpse of what the game looks like on the Switch. Currently available in Japanese, the trailer offers a peek into the magical journey that awaits players. Below is the trailer that captures the essence of the adventures to be had:

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### Optimizing for the Nintendo Switch

As leaks of *Hogwarts Legacy* for the Nintendo Switch began to surface a few weeks prior, there was a palpable concern among fans regarding the game’s look and performance on the hybrid console. However, it seems as though the developers at Avalanche Software, in collaboration with Warner Bros. Games, have diligently endeavored to optimize the game, ensuring it brings out the best experience possible on the Switch.

### A New Contender for Game of the Year

#### Your Story Awaits in Hogwarts

The game’s strong suit lies not only in its successful adaptation for the Switch but also in its own right, instantly making it one of the standout titles released this year. *Hogwarts Legacy* is unique in that you are the protagonist. The game provides a rich, customizable experience where you can brew potions, learn spells, interact with fantastic beasts, and explore every corridor of Hogwarts. Your character is a student harboring a secret that could unsettle the magical world. It’s up to you to forge alliances, confront dark wizards, and ultimately, shape the future of all Wizardkind. Your actions and decisions will dictate your legacy.

### Available for Purchase

Eager players can acquire *Hogwarts Legacy* from the eShop or their local game stores at the price of 59.99 euros. For those desiring a more deluxe experience, a special Deluxe edition is available for 69.99 euros. Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games have also made this title available on other major platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

### Critical Acclaim

In our in-depth analysis, reviewer Alejandro Morillas remarked on *Hogwarts Legacy’s* ability to captivate, saying, “While *Hogwarts Legacy* sometimes runs the risk of being too familiar, it covers so much ground with such respect and fondness for the franchise that it’s impossible not to be astonished at Avalanche Software’s accomplishment.” He praised its use of familiar gaming conventions, which intelligently contribute to making every aspect feel authentic to its world.

### Discover More

Are you pining to know more about *Hogwarts Legacy*? Stay tuned to find out if it receives nominations at The Game Awards 2023 and get insider info on 19 things that the game doesn’t explicitly tell you—but could prove quite beneficial to your magical journey.

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Embark on a spellbinding voyage of discovery and define your legacy with *Hogwarts Legacy* on the Nintendo Switch today!

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