Steam Deck OLED Out: What’s Next for Steam Deck 2?

# Steam Deck OLED: A Step Forward While Looking Toward Steam Deck 2

With the confirmation that the **Steam Deck OLED is now a reality**, fans and tech enthusiasts are naturally curious about the prospects of a Steam Deck 2. Valve’s portable gaming console has captivated a market hungry for a powerful handheld gaming device, and the launch of an OLED version has only fueled the conversation about what’s next.

## Valve Comments on the Possibility of Steam Deck 2

**IGN recently had a conversation with Jay Shaw, the designer of the Steam Deck, to discuss the future of the platform**. Shaw expressed a cautious tone about the next iteration, stating, “Don’t know. **It will take a while**. I think that **it will take a long time**. We don’t have any fixed date. I think we are going to wait for the technology to present itself in a way that we find interesting since **the team really wants to take that leap**.”

He continued, “We are very, very, very proud of this version of the Steam Deck and it is the one we are most happy with, and we think customers will be too. So we’re thinking about Steam Deck 2 all the time, but I think we’re so satisfied right now that it still seems a long way off on the horizon.”

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## What to Expect in the Meantime

Shaw’s comments imply that a Steam Deck 2 is on the cards but indicates that the release is **at least a few years away**. Last year, Valve hinted that they were already pondering over the concept of Steam Deck 2, and by September, they advised not to anticipate its arrival for **a couple of years at least**.

Set for release on **November 16**, the Steam Deck OLED version boasts **an improved OLED display, enhanced audio, and several quality of life updates**. Valve has also improved battery life by 30% to 50% compared to the original version at launch.

The new Steam Deck OLED model comes in two storage configurations: **512GB and 1TB**, priced at 549 and 649 euros respectively. Additionally, like its predecessor, the **Steam Deck OLED will continue to feature a microSD card slot**. For those eager to get their hands on one, pre-orders are scheduled to open next week.

## In Summary

The gaming community may have to exercise patience as it awaits any concrete news on a second iteration of the Steam Deck. For now, the focus remains on the newly introduced OLED model, which itself represents a sizeable leap forward in quality and user experience. Valve’s commitment to waiting for the right technological advances before embarking on a sequel suggests that when Steam Deck 2 does arrive, it will be well worth the wait.

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