Simply Extensions of the Comic Books

# The Superhero Genre Through Ridley Scott’s Eyes

Superhero movies have taken the entertainment industry by storm, with the genre expanding its fanbase globally. However, not everyone is on board with the craze. In the realm of Hollywood’s illustrious filmmakers, there are those who remain unconvinced by the superhero phenomenon.

## Hollywood Legends Critique Superhero Movies

Among the ranks of superhero skeptics is Ridley Scott, the acclaimed director behind cinema classics such as *Gladiator* and *Alien*. He’s not alone in his sentiments, finding companionship with other notable Hollywood directors like Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese, who have publicly voiced their criticisms of superhero films. In a candid interview with Deadline, Scott shared his perspective on the ubiquitous superhero movie trend.

## Ridley Scott’s Assessment of Superhero Films

Scott expressed his concern over the idealization of superhero stories. He argues that these films are basically “an extension of the comics,” presenting a challenge when it comes to crafting profound cinematic narratives. “I’m not a big fan of superheroes and I like reading comics,” Scott disclosed, revealing his preference for the source material over the blockbusters they inspire.

Furthermore, Scott lamented what he perceives as a diminishing sense of realism within the genre. To Scott, superhero movies have become vessels for actors to earn lucrative paychecks under the guise of caped crusaders. From his perspective, only a handful of films, such as select Batman iterations and Dick Donner’s *Superman*, have successfully captured the authentic “comic book tradition.”

## The Script and Special Effects Debate

Delving deeper into his critique, Scott questioned the quality of writing found in superhero movies. “Why can’t they have better stories?” he challenged, suggesting that many superhero films rely heavily on special effects to save them—a trend he finds increasingly tedious, especially for professionals within the special effects industry.

## Ridley Scott’s Superhero Movie Offers

It came to light during the interview that Scott has been approached with several superhero-themed projects. Despite the offers, Ridley Scott declared that it’s simply not his style. “I’ve done two or three superhero movies,” he remarked, playfully attributing superhero status to his own iconic characters: Sigourney Weaver’s portrayal in *Alien*, Russell Crowe’s role in *Gladiator*, and Harrison Ford’s turn in *Blade Runner*. The key difference for Scott lies in the “damn stories” being superior to those in the typical superhero narrative.

## Looking Forward to ‘Napoleon’

Fans of Ridley Scott need not despair, as the director’s next major project is well underway. Scott is directing the much-anticipated film *Napoleon*, featuring Joaquin Phoenix as the legendary French emperor. Audiences can join in the epic depiction of history when the film hits theaters on November 24, 2023.

In summary, Ridley Scott’s take on superhero movies offers food for thought in an era where the genre dominates entertainment. While the debate over the true artistic value of superhero flicks continues, Scott’s return to the historical drama with *Napoleon* may just remind audiences of the gripping narratives that exist beyond the comic book page.

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