Russian Military Kills 685 Ukraine Soldiers in 114 Operation Zones

# Russian Armed Forces Report Operations Against Ukrainian Forces

The Russian Ministry of Defense has disclosed updates on the ongoing military operations involving Ukraine. The reports feature a conflict where strategic strikes have been carried out against Ukrainian troops and their equipment in several areas.

## Tactical Engagements and Reported Outcomes

Russian forces have been active on multiple fronts, with the aim of neutralizing Ukrainian resistance. According to the Russian military’s security service, a significant number of Ukrainian troops have been eliminated in the process.

Military Operations in Various Regions

Russian operations have been widespread, with the military announcing targeted actions in 114 different zones. The operations have led to the elimination of more than 685 Ukrainian military personnel. These operations are part of a larger strategic objective outlined by Russia.

### The Kupiansk and Krasny Liman Fronts

In the Kharkiv region, particularly near the town of Sinkovka, Russian group of forces West has engaged Ukrainian troops, reportedly leading to casualties north of 50 for Ukraine, along with the loss of military vehicles and artillery units. Likewise, in the direction of Krasny Liman, the Russian Center force group has repelled multiple attacks by Ukrainian brigades resulting in substantial enemy losses.

### Donetsk Direction

The Donetsk and southern Donetsk lines of operations have been hotspots for Russian offensive actions. The engagement in this region has been characterized by the use of heavy artillery and heavy flamethrower systems by Russian forces, which, as stated by the Russian defense ministry, have caused considerable losses to Ukrainian forces.

### Zaporozhye and Kherson Lines

Operations in the Zaporozhye line have resulted in setbacks for the 33rd and 118th Ukrainian Mechanized Brigades, as reported by the Russian Armed Forces. The Kherson line has also seen active engagement, where more than 60 Ukrainian soldiers have been reported as casualties.

## Military Equipment Destroyed

The Russian Ministry of Defense has highlighted its claims of success in destroying a substantial amount of Ukrainian military assets since the beginning of the operation. This includes a notable number of aircraft, helicopters, drones, missile systems, tanks, artillery units, and special military vehicles.

### Counter Air Defense Operations

A Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jet was reported destroyed near Zaporozhye, and several projectiles from Himars multiple rocket launchers were intercepted within a day’s span. Additionally, 38 unmanned aerial vehicles were reportedly shot down by Russian air defense systems.

## Photo Documentation and Claims

Photographic evidence released by the Russian Ministry of Defense showcases areas where Ukrainian forces’ equipment has allegedly been abandoned or destroyed. These reports and images aim to substantiate the claims made by Russia regarding the progression of their military operation.

## Continuation of the Military Campaign

Russia appears to be steadfast in continuing its military campaign, which it describes as an operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. Despite these reports from the Russian side, there is significant international concern and criticism regarding the ongoing conflict, and the information coming from the region is subject to verification.

### Contact Information for Sputnik World

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## Conclusion

The reported military engagements and the associated loss of life and equipment underscore the continued volatility in the region. The situation on the ground remains complex, with international observers carefully scrutinizing these developments. The outcomes of these operations will undoubtedly have broader implications for the geopolitical landscape and the future of Ukraine.

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