Russia Wows with Advanced Arms, Hefty Planes at Dubai Airshow | Pics

# Russia’s Remarkable Display at the Dubai Airshow

## A Showcase of Military Might and Aerospace Advancements

The prestigious Dubai Airshow took to the skies on November 13, 2023, playing host to a myriad of cutting-edge military and aerospace technologies from around the globe. Visitors to this biennial event witnessed the unveiling of the latest innovations, with Russian companies stealing the spotlight with their remarkable array of products.

## Rostec’s Powerful Presence

Leading the charge was Rostec, Russia’s high-tech heavyweight. The conglomerate showcased an impressive lineup of approximately 200 pieces of military, civilian, and dual-use equipment. Under the organizational wing of Rosoboronexport, Moscow’s defense and dual-use equipment export agency, Rostec’s display pulled contributions from a variety of prominent Russian aerospace and defense companies including Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET), High Precision Complexes, Kalashnikov Concern, and many others falling under Rostec’s expansive umbrella.

## Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A(E): A New Era of Russian Transport Aircraft

One of the event’s stars was the Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A(E), marking the most recent and advanced iteration of the venerable heavy transport aircraft. The Il-76MD-90A(E) represents a significant overhaul, with Rostec reporting enhancements to over 70% of the aircraft’s systems. Noteworthy upgrades include more robust PS-90A-76 engines, a revamped landing gear, an optimized and lighter wing structure, a state-of-the-art glass cockpit, and advanced countermeasures. This plane, with its extensive modernization, became an emblem of Russian aviation prowess and as per Vladimir Artiakov of Rostec, has not been exhibited overseas for nearly three decades – a fact that underscores the significance of this unveiling at the Dubai Airshow.

## Russian Helicopters and Unmanned Innovations

The Russian showcase also featured marvels from Russian Helicopters, such as the Kamov Ka-32A11M, outfitted with a homegrown firefighting system, and the Ansat light multipurpose helicopter equipped with a medical module. The show highlighted the Mil Mi-171 transport helicopter, a civilian adaptation of the venerable Mi-8, designed specifically for offshore operations with a remarkable capacity of 24 passengers. Additionally, the unmanned BAS-200 helicopter, a result of collaboration between Mil and Kamov National Helicopter, took part in the exhibition.

## Striking Offensive Capabilities

Russia also introduced the world to the AK-19 assault rifle by Kalashnikov, which now accommodates 5.56mm NATO caliber bullets. Arguably one of the more significant unveilings was the Izdeliye 305E, an export variant of the Light Multipurpose Guided Rocket (LMUR) air-to-ground missile. After its deployment with the Russian Army in 2022, the LMUR, developed by the Machine Building Design Bureau, gained notoriety as a significant asset in helicopter-borne operations within the Ukraine conflict zone.

## Steadfast Amid Sanctions

Despite international sanctions, Russia’s arms demand remains, as these innovations attest to the country’s continued strength and advancement in both defense and aerospace sectors. This exposition at the Dubai Airshow is a testament to the resilience and prowess of Russia’s military-industrial complex, as it continues to captivate the global stage with its latest technological achievements.

Russian advancements in military and aerospace technologies, as demonstrated at the Dubai Airshow, clearly illustrate the nation’s commitment to maintaining a prominent role on the global stage. The event showcases Russia’s capacity for innovation in defense technology, solidifying its reputation as a significant player in the industry.

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