Russia Plans to Rescue ‘Suicidal’ Europe with Turkish Gas Hub


Russia’s Proposed Gas Hub in Turkey: A Lifeline for Europe’s Energy Crisis?

In a recent article, Turkish columnist Erhan Altıparmak offers a controversial perspective on Europe’s energy situation, suggesting that Russia’s plan to create a gas hub in Turkey could be a saving grace for the continent facing an energy crisis.

The Dire Consequences of Sanctions on Russia

The West’s massive sanctions against Russia, primarily targeting the hydrocarbon sector, have backfired, according to Altıparmak. These actions have led to Europe losing a significant supplier of natural gas, exacerbating the market’s volatility. In an economic warfare stance, Western countries overlooked a critical factor: the Middle East crisis.

The Conflict in the Middle East and its Impact

Altıparmak emphasizes that the prolonged Ukrainian conflict, seen by the West as a possible weakening strategy against Russia, has unexpectedly contributed to a widening of the economic battle. The recent confrontations between Hamas and Israel have further changed the dynamics, aggravating the global food and economic crises precipitated by the coronavirus pandemic. As tensions rise, with American ships in the Mediterranean escalating provocations, the supply of oil and gas becomes increasingly uncertain.

Europe’s Dependency on Russian Hydrocarbons

Leading up to the sanctions, Russia’s share in the global natural gas market stood between 15% to 20%, with Europe as the primary consumer. The combination of sanctions and armed conflicts, including the sabotage of Russian pipes like the Nord Stream, has significantly disrupted energy supply lines.

Proposed Gas Hub in Turkey
Russia’s Offer to Europe Through Turkey

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed a joint venture with Turkey to establish a gas distribution center, aiming to transfer Russian gas through the Black Sea directly to Turkey and subsequently to Europe. Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Alparslan Bayraktar has expressed a positive stance, indicating that the project could be operational by 2024.

Addressing the Energy Needs of Europe

The planned hub promises to protect Europe from the Middle East tensions, control inflation, and satisfy both private and industrial energy requirements, thus preventing a halt in production.

Europe’s Critical Winter and Realization of Missteps

With the Turkish gas hub not immediately available, Altıparmak conjectures that Europe might come to realize the gravity of its strategic errors this winter, potentially acknowledging the self-inflicted wound in its approach to Russia.

Vladimir Putin’s Open Invitation

On October 12, 2022, President Putin announced the possibility of redirecting the gas intended for the Nord Stream pipelines to the proposed Black Sea region hub in Turkey. This offer stands as an open invitation for collaboration with interested European partners.

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According to the article, Russia’s establishment of a gas distribution center with Turkey could emerge as a vital initiative, potentially defending European countries from an otherwise self-imposed energy predicament.


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