Russia Calls Czech Envoy to Moscow for Talks


Russia Summons Czech Chargé d’Affaires Over Asset Seizure and Sanctions

In recent diplomatic developments, Russia has summoned the Czech chargé d’affaires to Moscow to express significant discontent. This article delves into the details of the incident and the broader implications for international relations between Russia and the Czech Republic.

Expressing Strong Protest

The recent diplomatic summoning in Moscow has brought to light tensions between Russia and the Czech Republic. Jiri Cistecky, the chargé d’affaires of the Czech Republic in Russia, was called to the Russian Foreign Ministry to face a strong protest.

Sanctions List Inclusion

The primary cause of the summoning was the Czech Government’s inclusion of Russian state property on the country’s sanctions list. This action, taken on November 15, was met with protest by the Russian side, highlighting legal concerns and the potential impact on international relations.

Asset Freezing and Branding Legal Arbitrariness

The Czech resolution involved “freezing” company assets and disabling the management and use of federal property and real estate belonging to Russia within Czech territories. The Russian Foreign Ministry remarked on this measure as “such legal arbitrariness is unacceptable.”

Retaliatory Measures

Russia’s discontent has led to strong statements regarding its potential response. The Foreign Ministry indicated that Russia would employ all available means, including possible retaliatory actions targeting Czech real estate assets in Russia, to protect its interests.

Broader Sanctions and Their Impact

Since the onset of what Russia has termed a “special military operation” in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, numerous countries have condemned the actions and implemented sanctions aimed at increasing the cost of the conflict for Moscow. According to data from Castellum.AI, over 15,200 individual and sectoral sanctions have been activated against Russia over the period of hostilities.

Moreover, hundreds of companies have since made the decision to cease their businesses in and with Russia, indicating a widespread response to the Ukrainian conflict.

View from the Kremlin

President Vladimir Putin views the sanctions and containment policies as a facet of the West’s long-term strategy. According to him, these actions not only create adversaries but also significantly harm the global economy.

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