Rick and Morty Creators Discuss Rick’s Future Post-Midseason Twist

## A Deep Dive into ‘Rick and Morty’s’ Latest Twists and Turns

### Showrunners Reflect on Rick’s Current State

Woo-wee. The last episode of “Rick and Morty” was nothing short of amazing, right? The showrunners, Dan Harmon and Scott Marder, have opened up about the midseason’s shocking turn and offered insights into Rick’s emotional and mental state following the events of episode 5.

### A Recap with Spoilers Ahead

Before jumping into the implications, let’s revisit where the story left us (but be wary of spoilers if you’re not caught up). Once upon a time, Rick Prime, a vindictive variant of Rick, harbored resentment toward our universe’s Rick for choosing family life over intergalactic exploits. In an act of retribution, Rick Prime obliterated Rick’s home with Diane and Beth inside, setting off a chain of events that has haunted our protagonist. It’s been over a year in the series timeline since we last saw Rick Prime.

In this latest episode, Rick C-137 (our central Rick), Morty, and an unexpected ally, Evil Morty, team up to track down Rick Prime after uncovering his construction of the Omega Device – a deadly weapon capable of annihilating all variations of a specific being.

### Surprising Choices and Moral Complexity

In a thrilling twist, our heroes let Evil Morty escape with the Omega Device. Dan Harmon describes this decision as Rick “giving a leash” to someone other than himself, a metaphor for Rick’s subconsciously noble yet tragic commitment to his self-destruction. As the Variety interview reveals, Rick’s psyche is understandably in turmoil, especially after he physically confronts and eliminates Rick Prime, marking a significant and emotionally charged crescendo for the character.

### The Fallout and Future Reflections

Harmon suggests there’s still much to unpack in Rick’s journey. Destroying oneself might not solve the deeper issue—a sentiment no doubt informing the rest of the season’s narrative. Scott Marder likens Rick’s quandary to that of a historical avenger like Braveheart. Where does one’s story go once they’ve achieved their vengeful purpose without perishing in the process?

Dan Harmon finds a parallel path for Rick that aligns with the uncertainties of youth, “Now he is the one who is existentially isolated. He is the one who does not feel that he fits into the universe around him.” The comparison puts Rick at a juncture akin to a 14-year-old grappling with the revelation of multiple universes far sooner than anticipated.

The showrunners have hinted at the symmetry in Rick’s journey, fueling the dramatic engine for the episodes to come. As fans, we’re left anticipating how Rick will navigate this new chapter of existential isolation and what other cosmic curveballs “Rick and Morty” will throw our way.

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