Redfall Update Brings Fixes, Yet Misses Key Fan-Requested Features

### Redfall’s Latest Update Brings a New Weapon but No Offline Play

The anticipation for Redfall’s next game update has been bubbling among fans, but those hoping for an offline mode will have to keep waiting. Bethesda Softworks has shared the details of the new update in a recent blog post, with a focus on a game-changing addition and performance enhancements.

#### Introducing Basilisk: The UV-Charged Sniper Rifle

The highlight of the update is the introduction of a new sniper rifle named Basilisk. According to Bethesda, this powerful weapon infuses the first bullet of a full magazine with ultraviolet energy, which has the unique ability to petrify vampires. However, this effect is not applicable to foes who are immune to petrification or those who were recently petrified.

#### Heroic Pass Development Continues

Within the patch notes, there’s news regarding the Heroic Pass. Arkane is actively working on its development, although they remain tight-lipped about the details. Gamers will need to exercise patience until “later next year” for more information. For those who own the €100 Redfall’s Bite Back Edition, the Heroic Pass is included. It can also be purchased separately for €30, granting access to “two future heroes with unique powers and gameplay.”

#### Missing Offline Option

One notable absentee from the current update is the ability to play Redfall offline. Previously, Arkane’s insistence on an always-on connection drew criticism. Director Harvey Smith indicated efforts were being made to remove this requirement in an interview in March, but the latest update does not seem to reflect that change.

#### Performance Improvement: A Step in the Right Direction

Progress, however, is visible in terms of performance. The previous month’s update added a highly anticipated 60FPS mode for the Xbox Series X/S versions of Redfall, signaling a commitment to refining the game experience.

#### The Road to Redemption

Upon its release, Redfall faced intense scrutiny from both the press and players, amid talks of a tumultuous development cycle. In spite of these challenges, the team at Bethesda remains optimistic about Redfall’s future. Pete Hines, the former head of global publishing, expressed confidence in the game’s post-launch trajectory, likening its early struggles to those faced by Fallout 76 in 2018.

In our review, we see potential in Redfall’s enjoyment factor, describing it as “Arkane’s most fun game: without moral dilemmas, without existential doubts and totally enjoyable both with friends and alone.”

This new update may not satisfy all player expectations, but it’s clear that the developers remain committed to enhancing Redfall with each patch. Only time will tell if the game reaches the heights that Bethesda envisions for it.

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