Potential Actress for Abby in The Last of Us Season 2 May Be Cast

# The Last of Us Series: Anticipation Builds for Abby’s Casting

## The End of the Strike: A New Beginning for The Last of Us Series

With the end of the actors and scriptwriters strike, the entertainment industry is abuzz with projects resuming normal activity. One particular project that’s generating excitement is the highly anticipated second season of HBO Max’s “The Last of Us.” Neil Druckmann, the game’s director, has shared an encouraging update for fans: the script for the upcoming season is complete. Now, all eyes turn to the casting news, especially the role of Abby—a pivotal character from the video game.

## Kaitlyn Dever: From Rumored Ellie to the Potential Abby

Fans have been curious about who will step into the role of Abby, and recent developments seem to point towards a frontrunner. It appears Kaitlyn Dever, an actress whose versatility has been recognized in various roles, might be stepping into Abby’s shoes. This news comes courtesy of journalist Jeff Sneider, who has indicated that Dever’s involvement is likely.

Interestingly, Kaitlyn Dever had previously been rumored to play Ellie in the initial reports surrounding the series. Despite showing interest in the part, it’s speculated that she may not have been the right fit for the First season, possibly due to age differences with the character. However, Dever may now have a golden opportunity to join the series under a new, significant role—thanks to Neil Druckmann’s vigilant oversight of the show’s production.

## Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal: The Faces of The First Season

While Kaitlyn Dever’s involvement with Abby remains a topic of anticipation, the first season of “The Last of Us” has already established its protagonists. Bella Ramsey has taken up the mantle of Ellie, starring alongside Pedro Pascal. Amidst these strong performances, Jeff Sneider’s claim that Dever is in talks to take on the role of Abby adds further excitement for a season expected to premiere in 2025, following delays.

Signs of Dever’s potential involvement are also hinted at by showrunner Craig Mazin’s social media activity—specifically, his following of Dever on Instagram, which could be indicative of professional interest.

## A Hint from Craig Mazin: Abby Has Been Cast?

The narrative leap between the two seasons of “The Last of Us” series suggests character development and change, particularly for Ellie, who is expected to be depicted as a few years older. Abby’s character, known for her physical strength and thirst for revenge, is sure to add a compelling dynamic when adapted for the screen.

Although multiple candidates, such as Emily Shallow, have been mentioned in association with Abby’s role, Mazin has teased that the decision on who will play Abby might already be made. Kaitlyn Dever, particularly after her standout performance in the acclaimed film “No One Will Save You,” which released the same year, has positioned herself as a strong contender.

As fans await official confirmation, it’s clear that the casting of Abby is pivotal for the upcoming season of “The Last of Us.” With the series’ proven success and the talent involved both in front of and behind the camera, the continuation of this post-apocalyptic saga is destined to be a significant event for viewers and gamers alike.

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