Phil Spencer Proud Despite Starfield’s GOTY Snub for Xbox

# The Game Awards 2023: Spotlight on Nominees and Notable Snubs

As the gaming community anticipates The Game Awards 2023, conversation intensifies around which title deserves to be crowned Game of the Year (GOTY). This prestigious event has revealed its list of nominees, sparking discussion among players over some surprising omissions. The year has seen a slew of laudable game releases, including “Tears of the Kingdom,” “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” and “Baldur’s Gate 3.” Despite these strong contenders, “Starfield” finds itself conspicuously absent from the top category.

## Phil Spencer Reacts to the Game Awards Nominations

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has publicly recognized the achievement of Xbox studios, amidst discussions surrounding the notable absence of their highly-touted game, “Starfield.” Although “Starfield” failed to grace the list of the year’s best games, it has earned a nomination in the Best RPG category.

Taking to social media, Spencer expressed his pride and offered congratulations:

_”Proud of the work delivered by our teams this year, and congratulations to all the nominees from across the industry. It’s an honor to be in such great company at #TheGameAwards”_

Spencer celebrates the achievement of Xbox games nominated this year, Moreover, “Hi-Fi Rush,” with its impressive five nominations, has caught everyone’s attention, along with other notable mentions such as “Sea of ​​Stars” and “Forza Motorsport.”

## The Surprising Omission of Hogwarts Legacy

Another title that has the gaming world buzzing is “Hogwarts Legacy.” Despite its incontrovertible success and excellent critiques at launch, it seems to have been disregarded by The Game Awards – receiving no nominations at all. Its absence is among the most talked-about, given the game’s popularity and impact on the Harry Potter fan base.

## The Showdown for Game of the Year

While some favorites have been overlooked, the battle for the coveted Game of the Year title is still fierce. Newly released games like “Alan Wake 2” and “Spider-Man 2” are strong competitors in the race. Nonetheless, it is “Baldur’s Gate 3” that has been dubbed the most phenomenal title of the year by many in the industry.

As gamers and industry professionals alike look forward to the awards ceremony, they celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of the nominated titles while also acknowledging those that didn’t make the cut. The excitement and debates that surround The Game Awards 2023 prove that it’s not just about winning but also about recognizing the incredible talent and work that goes into creating the games we love.

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