Original Berserk & Dragon Ball Art Sells for Huge Sum

# The Timeless Impact of Manga Legends: Miura and Toriyama

Manga enthusiasts around the world hold certain names in high regard, citing their incredible contributions to the genre. Kentaro Miura and Akira Toriyama are two such legendary mangakas who have indelibly shaped the landscape of Japanese animation with their iconic series. Following the sad demise of Miura, fans were left uncertain about the destiny of the ‘Berserk’ series, whereas Toriyama has ensured that his ‘Dragon Ball’ legacy remains secure.

## Manga Masterworks at Auction

The enduring popularity of their series is evident, not only in fan dedication but also through the remarkable sales at auctions. Two pencil sketches by Miura and Toriyama recently hit the auction block, captivating collectors with their rarity and illustrious origins.

### The Legendary Sketch of Guts

A meticulously detailed drawing of Guts, the storied protagonist from ‘Berserk’, drew awe and applause. This spectacular piece by Miura was met with great enthusiasm and spirited bidding, ultimately selling for a jaw-dropping $43,000.

### Goku Fetches a Fortune

If the price fetched by Miura’s ‘Guts’ was impressive, the auction figures for Toriyama’s work were even more astounding. A pencil illustration of a young Goku, from the early chapters of ‘Dragon Ball’, bears the reputable signature of Toriyama, and rocketed to a staggering $100,000 at auction.

A testament to their impact, a tweet from [@kojion](https://twitter.com/kojion/status/1721870770215997485?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw) confirmed the unbelievable sale prices, capturing the art world’s attention.

The auction of a pencil drawing by Miura just ended. The winning bid was $43.000.
At the same time, an autograph illustration by Toriyama Makira of Dragon Ball sold for $100.000.
unbelievable….. pic.twitter.com/1aqk3EHCys

— nagare06 (@kojion) November 7, 2023

## Miura and Toriyama: Masters of Manga

While Miura’s ‘Berserk’ and Toriyama’s ‘Dragon Ball’ vary greatly in theme and commercial reach—with ‘Dragon Ball’ spawning a massive range of merchandise and spin-offs—both authors stand as paragons of manga innovation. Their works are celebrated for distinctive storytelling and artistic prowess.

## The Prospective Berserk Live-Action Dream

With ‘One Piece’ successfully transitioning into a live-action series, many fans believe it’s ‘Berserk’s turn for a live rendition. Speculation and hope are rife within the fan community, with a particular wish casting Henry Cavill as the indomitable warrior ‘Guts’. Only time will tell if this dream for a live-action adaptation comes to fruition and, if so, who will don the mantle of the ‘Black Swordsman’.

The legacies of Miura and Toriyama continue to thrive, transcending the printed pages and capturing the imaginations of audiences across generations. Their mastery not only resonates in the hearts of manga followers but also in the realm of art collectors, setting the bar for excellence and leaving an indelible mark on the world of manga and animation.

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