Nicolas Cage Uses Dreams to Overcome Acting Blocks

# Nicolas Cage Discusses His Upcoming Film “Dream Scenario” and His Unique Acting Approach

As A24 and Ari Aster prepare to unveil their next film “Dream Scenario” in theaters across the United States, fans and cinema enthusiasts alike are eager to dive into the world of the film’s leading man, Nicolas Cage. The Guardian had the opportunity to sit down with the actor for an in-depth conversation about his return to the cinematic limelight.

## Nicolas Cage on Dreams and Their Influence on His Craft

Despite his storied career, Nicolas Cage continues to intrigue audiences with his enigmatic approaches to his characters and stories. In the Guardian’s latest interview, the topic of dreams took center stage—prompting Cage to reveal his personal views on dreams’ role in his creative process. Surprisingly, while Cage acknowledged that he doesn’t typically emphasize the significance of dreams, he admits that he turns to them as a resource during creative blockages.

Cage shared, “If I’m stressed about how to play a scene, I ask for a gift to my dreams,” suggesting a reliance on his subconscious for artistic inspiration. When grappling with the complexities of a scene, Cage would invite dreams into his method—allowing him to extract a “residual sensation” from his sleep-induced experiences to enhance his on-screen performance.

## Cage’s Professional Milestones and Unchanged Scripts

During the interview, Cage also opened up about the professional freedom he has enjoyed in certain projects. Notably, he listed five of his projects where he felt empowered to stick to the script, unchanged: “Arizona Baby,” “Vampire Kisses,” “Adaptation: The Orchid Thief,” “Pig,” and the very movie discussed in this interview, “Dream Scenario.”

## “Dream Scenario”: A Surreal Turn in Cage’s Career

In a new venture with A24, director Ari Aster, and writer Kristoffer Borgli, “Dream Scenario” will showcase Nicolas Cage in a role that parallels a modern, surreal take on Freddy Krueger. Cage plays a teacher and family man who unexpectedly finds himself embedded in the dreams of thousands—experiences that eventually morph into nightmarish experiences.

![Dream Scenario movie still](

This unique plot concept has already garnered attention and excitement, with fans curious about how the film will blend the unsettling and the sublime.

“Dream Scenario” is slated for theatrical release on November 10. While American fans rejoice at the imminent premiere, audiences in Spain will have to wait until the end of January 2024 for the film’s debut in their country. For those eagerly anticipating the film’s release, spending time revisiting the 15 best Nicolas Cage movies might just be the perfect way to reconnect with the actor’s diverse and engaging filmography.

As the anticipation builds for “Dream Scenario,” Nicolas Cage’s insights from the interview not only offer a glimpse into his dynamic approach toward acting but also hint at the compelling storytelling that awaits audiences in this upcoming psychological thriller.

[Check out the “Dream Scenario” teaser here.](

Prepare your imaginations and mark your calendars as Nicolas Cage returns to the silver screen in a role that’s bound to captivate and disturb in equal measure.

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