New Mario Kart 8 Update Finally Halts ‘Bagging’ After 10 Years

# Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Says Goodbye to “Bagging” Strategy with Latest Update

Nintendo has rolled out the 3.0.0 update for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, resolving a longstanding issue within the racing game’s community. This recent change removes the divisive “bagging” strategy, much to the surprise of players who have witnessed its use since the original Wii U version.

## What Was the “Bagging” Strategy?

In essence, bagging or sandbagging involved players intentionally performing poorly at the start of a race to obtain powerful items usually reserved for those lagging behind. Racers would then leverage these items to surge ahead and secure a win. This tactic had been a point of contention among players, with opinions divided over its legitimacy.

## Community Reaction to the Update

The move by Nintendo has caused a stir in the community as confirmed by GamesRadar and further validated by IGN. Racers have taken to social media to express their sentiments. One Twitter user, Bear @BearUNLV, lamented the end of the bagging strategy, showcasing via a video that pulling a green shell while in last place, a common result of bagging, was indeed over.

IGN’s testing reflected this new reality with their item box results in GBA Cheese Land showing a mix of individual mushrooms, green shells, and a banana—all items that would not necessarily guarantee a comeback.

The sentiment within the community has always been polarized, with some like BabyLuigiOnFire on GameFAQs defending the strategy as viable, whereas others like ItsHammond on Reddit in 2023 criticized it for being dull and against the racing spirit.

## The End of an Era

It seems the bagging strategy may have been left in the dust for good unless players discover a new method to replicate the benefits it once provided. With this update, Nintendo has potentially changed the landscape of competitive play in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

## Comprehensive Update 3.0.0 Breakdown

### DLC

– Added paid DLC: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Extra Track Pass, Wave 6

### General Updates

– “Music” button added for in-game BGM enjoyment
– Room ID feature for non-friend players joining
– Room creation available without registered friends
– Personnel credits added for Extra Track Pass
– Enhanced character invincibility for customization options
– Adjustments to prevent strong item acquisition under certain conditions
– Shortened duration for item box respawns
– Reduced 200cc and Mirror Mode rates in online play
– amiibo support expanded for various character suits

### Fixes and Adjustments

– Bob-omb cars now correctly explode on Wii’s Moonview Highway
– Resolution of a Time Trial ghost issue on Yoshi’s Island

The update has certainly taken steps to change how players engage in one of Nintendo’s most beloved racing titles. Whether this change will be embraced or challenged by the community remains to be seen, but the update’s additional features, such as more tracks and character customization options, show Nintendo’s commitment to keeping the game fresh and entertaining for its fan base.

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