New Garfield Animation: First Trailer Reveals Cute Jon Meet-Up

# Chris Pratt Brings Garfield to Life in New Animated Movie Trailer

## First Glimpse of Garfield’s Latest Adventure

The world-famous orange tabby cat is back, and this time, with a new voice. The first trailer for the much-anticipated animated Garfield movie has been released, showcasing the hilarity and trouble that awaits fans. In this newest escapade, Chris Pratt lends his vocal talents to the lasagna aficionado, ensuring a fresh and comedic spin on the beloved cat’s personality.

## A Star-Studded Cast for Garfield’s Journey

Adding an interesting twist to the Garfield universe, Samuel L. Jackson joins the cast as Garfield’s long-lost father, Vic. The trailer hints at a tumultuous family reunion, with Vic’s arrival promising to stir the pot. His greeting, “Hello, Junior,” sets the tone for a complex relationship between father and son.

## Nostalgic Flashbacks and New Exploits

The beginning of the trailer tugs at the heartstrings with a touching flashback featuring a young Garfield encountering his future owner, Jon. Their first meeting unfolds in an Italian restaurant, where the endearing kitten instantly wins Jon over—perhaps more so with his appetite than his cuddles.

The film teases what’s in store with its official synopsis:

> “Garfield, the renowned Monday-hating, lasagna-craving feline, finds himself gearing up for a zany adventure overseas. Having stumbled upon his long-lost father, the ragtag alley cat Vic, Garfield, alongside his loyal pup Odie, will reluctantly leave their cushy life behind to partake in an uproarious high-stakes heist.”

## More Than Family Ties

It becomes evident that Vic’s return isn’t a simple family matter. He ropes Garfield and Odie into a mysterious caper, promising action and laughs alike. Chris Pratt and Samuel L. Jackson lead an impressive lineup featuring Nicholas Hoult, Hannah Waddingham, Brett Goldstein, Ving Rhames, Cecily Strong, Bowen Yang, and Luke Cinque-White.

Helmed by Mark Dindal and crafted by scriptwriters Paul A. Kaplan, Mark Torgove, and David Reynolds, the film is set to deliver a rich narrative and entertaining antics.

## Mark Your Calendars for Garfield’s Big Screen Return

Initially slated for a February 2024 release, the Garfield comeback has been deferred to a new premiere date of May 24, 2024. This latest venture into Garfield’s animated world has been in the pipeline since August 2016, and with its promising ensemble and intriguing plot, it’s poised to be a highlight for both Garfield enthusiasts and new fans alike.

For those with an appetite for more animated film news, keep an eye out for Disney’s upcoming offering, “Wish: The Power of Wishes,” set to enchant audiences with its magical storytelling.

The excitement is building for this fresh take on the Garfield legacy. Will this animated film capture the hearts (and appetites) of a global audience? Only time will tell, but for now, the anticipation grows as we await the lasagna-loving cat’s next big screen feast.

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