MW3: The Game That Aimed Too High

# The Disappointing Rush of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

When it comes to creating a blockbuster video game like Call of Duty, three years is a typical development cycle. However, the *latest iteration, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3*, has been developed in just a little over twelve months. Initially conceived as downloadable content (DLC) for Modern Warfare 2, the scope soon outgrew that label, prompting a release as a standalone numbered entry. Having sunk hours into the game, the conclusion is unavoidable: *this was a misstep*.

## An Unfinished Campaign

One immediately notices the familiar essence of Call of Duty, yet it feels watered down, presenting a product that seems unfinished. The campaign, in particular, takes the heaviest hit, earning the undesirable label of the worst in the series thus far.

### The Return of Makarov

The single-player campaign resumes the story of Captain Price and his team as they hunt down the terrorist Makarov. Despite the first mission starting strong, the remainder takes a dive in quality. This is, notably, the shortest campaign in the franchise, and despite completing secondary objectives for extra depth, it ends after just four hours on a professional difficulty.

Sledgehammer Games recycled Warzone maps to pad out the campaign, resulting in missions that feel more like busywork than substantive contributions to the narrative. Missions that should offer new explorations end abruptly, and stealth sections feel soulless and repetitive.

## Multiplayer: A Saving Grace

Thankfully, *Modern Warfare 3* shines in its multiplayer component, delivering the engaging, dynamic gameplay that fans expect. Classic maps from Modern Warfare 2 serve as nostalgic anchors, and the variety of modes ensures quick queues and sustained interest. Adjustments like slid-ing and reload cancellations enrich the frenetic gaming experience, and increased health points balance the gameplay, allowing for more strategic encounters.

Despite these positive aspects, there are concerns. Graphical glitches and intermittent English dialogue interrupt the immersion, although they are small blemishes on an otherwise enjoyable multiplayer experience.

## Zombies Misstep

The latest Zombies mode introduces an open-world map and challenging hot zones, deviating from the traditional round-based, enclosed-survival format. Unfortunately, the open-world design doesn’t gel with the mode’s essence, feeling like a stripped-down version of the DMZ mode and becoming quickly repetitive.

## A Call of Duty to Forget?

Reflecting on the totality of *Modern Warfare 3*, it’s hard to shake the impression of potential squandered. The game feels rushed, bloated with recycled content, and lacks the narrative and gameplay polish expected of a mainline Call of Duty release. It stands as a stark reminder that sometimes, DLC should remain DLC, and the inflated “3” in its title seems more a burden than a badge.

The debut of this title after Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard leaves much to be desired. Despite *Modern Warfare 3’s* plight, there’s hope that the future will deviate from the formulaic annual release schedule. In another universe, as DLC, this game could have excelled. But in this reality, fans must grapple with a disappointing entry in a beloved series.

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