Movie Sets Release Date on Netflix Confirmed

# ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Jumps onto Netflix This December

## A Festive Gift for Netflix Subscribers

Netflix has announced a special treat for its subscribers this upcoming holiday season. The widely popular ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie,’ which has captivated audiences earlier this year, is set to make its entry on the streaming platform in December. Subscribers can look forward to enjoying the renowned video game adaptation during the cozy winter month, as the film will be available starting December 3.

Netflix humorously tweeted about the upcoming release, tying it to the competitive spirit of the holiday season:

“For the families that go a little too hard on Mario Kart over the holidays, The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be on Netflix to help the healing. December 3!”

— Netflix (@netflix) November 9, 2023

## Strategic Agreements and Streaming Shifts

Representing a unique twist for the distribution of Universal Pictures films, the announcement comes as a highlight of the partnership between Netflix and Universal inked in 2021. Per their agreement, Netflix secures rights to stream Illumination and DreamWorks Animation films following their four-month exclusivity window on Peacock. This particular movie made its debut on the Peacock service last August.

## Box Office Triumph Translates to Streaming Success

The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which premiered in April, has proven to be a cinematic triumph, grossing over one billion dollars worldwide. It has firmly established itself as the second highest-grossing film of 2023, only behind ‘Barbie’, as reported by Box Office Mojo.

The movie not only offers a delightful tribute to the iconic character but also injects fresh concepts, enhancing the Super Mario franchise. Alejandro Morrillas from IGN praised the movie in his review stating, “Super Mario Bros.: The Movie is a smart and fun adaptation of the legendary character. A film with value in itself who is also capable of contributing his own ideas to the brand.”

## The Rise of Video Game Adaptations

The news about the Super Mario Bros. Movie’s Netflix debut coincides with an exciting period for adaptations of video games. Nintendo remains actively engaged in this trend, with a recent revelation suggesting that they are collaborating with Sony Pictures Entertainment to work on a live-action Legend of Zelda film—a prospect that is sure to excite fans of the iconic video game series.

As we approach December, subscribers can mark their calendars for a high-spirited addition to their winter holiday viewing list. ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ promises to bring fun, nostalgia, and entertainment to Netflix’s array of offerings.

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