Millie Bobby Brown Battles Dragon in ‘Damsel’ Netflix Film Trailer

# Netflix Caps Off Geeked Week 2023 with Damsel’s Thrilling Reveal

## The Unveiling of Damsel’s Official Material

As Netflix’s Geeked Week 2023 came to a close last weekend, fans of the streaming giant were treated to a wealth of official material from a host of eagerly anticipated releases. Among the highlights was the film *Damsel*, which emerged as one of the standout previews of the event.

## First Glimpse of Damsel’s Enchanting World: Official Poster and Trailer

The promotional rollout for *Damsel* began with the release of its first official poster, stirring up excitement for what was to follow. Netflix then stoked the flames of anticipation even higher by dropping the film’s first trailer over the weekend. Audiences were thrilled to see Millie Bobby Brown’s transformation into what was described as “an obedient damsel,” only to be thrust into a perilous adventure involving a dangerous dragon after her character’s wedding to a charming prince.

### Watch the Damsel Trailer

Fans can now watch the trailer for *Damsel* and get a glimpse of the thrilling tale that awaits.

## Damsel’s Premiere Date on Netflix

Although the trailer did not specify an exact premiere date for *Damsel*, the video description gives a vague yet exciting timeframe: “This is NOT a children’s story. Millie Bobby Brown stars as Damsel. Premiering in 2024, only on Netflix.”

## Behind the Scenes of Damsel

The team bringing *Damsel* to life on Netflix includes Juan Carlos Fresnadillo as director and Dan Mazeau as screenwriter. A stellar cast joins Millie Bobby Brown, featuring Angela Bassett, Robin Wright, Ray Winstone, Nick Robinson, Brooke Carter, and Shohreh Aghdashloo, all set to bring this fantastical world to screens.

## More from Millie Bobby Brown on Netflix

While *Damsel* marks a highly anticipated return for Millie Bobby Brown to Netflix, it isn’t the only project with the star that fans are looking forward to. Followers of the platform are eagerly awaiting the release date of *Stranger Things*’ fifth and final season. So far, it’s known that the Duffer brothers are hard at work scripting the series’ conclusion.

![Image of Damsel](
*Image of Damsel*

Furthermore, the development for *Enola Holmes 3*, which will once again feature Millie Bobby Brown in the titular role, is currently underway. With the end of the Hollywood actors’ strike, audiences are hopeful that production will swiftly move forward, and casting updates will soon be announced for the third installment of the popular series.

# Conclusion

Netflix’s Geeked Week may have ended, but it left a trail of excitement and anticipation for a variety of upcoming releases. With *Damsel* expected to hit Netflix in 2024, Millie Bobby Brown fans have much to look forward to, as the platform continues to be a hub for her expanding portfolio of engaging performances.

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