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# Tensions Rise as Milei and Massa Clash in Pre-Runoff Debate in Argentina

## Rhetoric Heats Up in the Final Stretch to Election Day

With just a week left before Argentinians head to the polls for the runoff elections, candidates Sergio Massa and Javier Milei engaged in a heated debate. The confrontation saw them spar over policies, visions, and accusations in a session that proved more about narrative dominance than detailed policy exposition.

Last-Minute Debates: Political Drama Unfolds

On the stage of the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires, Massa, representing the ruling party, and Milei, the face of the La Libertad Avanza movement, locked horns. This pivotal dialogue came at a crucial moment, with Argentina’s future leadership hanging in the balance.

Economic Policies at the Core of Discussions

A standout moment of the debate was Massa’s demand for Milei to elaborate on his intentions to dollarize the Argentine economy. While Milei affirmed his stance—”yes, we are going to dollarize the economy”—he left out specifics on the implementation. Massa seized this to argue that Milei’s economic strategies risked national savings and labeled him a liar—further heating the polemic exchange.

Massa’s Ambitious Employment Promise

Facing an audience of millions in economic turmoil, Massa vowed to create two million new formal jobs. His plan hinges on a dual approach: state-provided incentives and the combined efforts of businessmen and workers.

Milei’s Counterattack

Unfazed by Massa’s projections, Milei launched his own offensive. He criticized Massa’s political lineage of Kirchnerism as the root cause of Argentina’s current plight. Furthermore, he branded left-leaning ideologues as detrimental, explaining that he would instead seek alliances with nations like the United States and Israel.

The Risk of Economic Isolation

Massa warned that Milei’s resistance to engaging with key trade partners such as China and Brazil—a stance emanating from ideological bias—put the country at risk of economic isolation. This could potentially leave two million Argentines without the economic lifelines those partnerships provide.

Personal Attacks and Political Posturing

In a debate marked by personal jibes, Milei responded to Massa’s liar accusation with a retort: “If a liar says that someone is a liar, the person being accused tells the truth. If you were Pinocchio, you would have already hurt my eye.” Massa didn’t miss to recall that Argentina’s trade with China and Brazil is a substantial source of income, about 28 billion dollars, a figure Milei adamantly disputes.

International Support Emerges

Adding to the election fervor, Lula’s party publicly endorsed Massa, providing an international angle to the internal political struggle.

Debate Leaves Voters Wanting More

While the debate was structured around six themes—including economy, international relations, and democratic coexistence—the candidates failed to flesh out their proposals significantly, leaving voters with more rhetoric than substance as they approach decision day.

As Argentina stands on the precipice of a political shift, the debate showcased the deep divide between two candidates vying for the nation’s highest office amidst economic peril. With Massa’s commitment to job creation and Milei’s focus on ideological purity, the final choice will reflect the electorate’s vision for Argentina’s path forward.

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