Matthew Perry Picks Zac Efron to Lead His Biopic

# Zac Efron Honored to Potentially Play Matthew Perry in a Biopic

Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron recently expressed his gratitude for being considered to portray his former co-star Matthew Perry in a potential biopic. Efron, known for his wide range of dynamic roles, shared his thoughts with Entertainment Tonight at the red carpet premiere of his latest film *The Iron Claw*.

## An Honorable Consideration

**Zac Efron’s First Choice Nod from Matthew Perry**

Zac Efron couldn’t hide his enthusiasm when he learned about Perry’s preference for him in the role. “I found out, and it’s a great honor,” Efron stated during the event. Reflecting on their shared moments, he added, “Matthew is the best guy in the world. I have had the best times of my life working with him. And to think that he thought of me for that role… I mean, ‘It would be an honor to do so.'”

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## A Reunion Onscreen?

**Efron as Perry’s Younger Self: Not Unprecedented**

This wouldn’t be the first time Efron stepped into Perry’s shoes—or, more appropriately, his younger self. The two actors previously collaborated in the 2009 comedy *17 Again*, where Efron portrayed a younger version of Perry’s character.

“He said he wanted to make a movie about his life,” Athenna Crosby, an actress and Perry’s friend, revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Perry’s vision was clear: Zac Efron would be his first choice to represent his younger years, and he was prepared to extend the proposal.

Reflecting on the past collaboration, Efron acknowledged the impact Perry had on him during their time on set. “He was a mentor to me, and we made a great movie together. I admired him, I mean, when we were filming *17 Again*, it was surreal for me to look at the other side and him to be there… ‘I have learned a lot from him, from his entire life,'” Efron remarked.

## Remembering Matthew Perry

**Perry’s Enduring Legacy**

Matthew Perry left an indelible mark on television history with his iconic role as Chandler Bing on the hit series *Friends*, which earned him an Emmy nomination. The actor’s career spanned multiple television shows and movies, marking him as one of the most beloved figures in the entertainment industry.

Sadly, Perry passed away at the age of 54, leaving behind a legacy of laughter and memorable performances. Among the most unusual contributions was his starring role in an hour-long promotional video for Windows 95 from Microsoft, showcasing his diverse talents beyond the realm of traditional acting platforms.

As the possibility of a biopic unfolds, Zac Efron stands ready to honor the memory and talent of Matthew Perry, embracing the chance to delve into the life of an actor who clearly left a lasting impression on him – both as a co-star and as a person to be admired and emulated.

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