Matt Groening’s Bold New Cartoon Depicts Homer Choking Bart

# Dispelling the Rumors: ‘The Simpsons’ Continues its Classic Gag

## The Enduring Stranglehold of Comedy

The iconic animated series “The Simpsons” has been the center of a whirlwind of rumors suggesting a classic gag was coming to an end. However, these reports have been firmly debunked by those behind the hilarious and long-lasting show.

### Setting the Record Straight

In an unexpected development, news circulated claiming that “The Simpsons” was prepared to drop the notorious scene of Homer strangling Bart from its comedic repertoire. However, the show’s producers have stepped forward to clear the air.

“Homer Simpson was not available for comment, since he was busy strangling Bart,” a consultant humorously stated to Nexstar, effectively squashing the rumors.

![Image credit: Matt Groening / Nexstar.](

Matt Groening, the series creator, called out the false reports as “clickbait” during a panel presentation, which—much to the amusement of fans—included Homer in the act of strangling Bart.

### The Controversy Behind the Laughter

The rumors initially stemmed from the episode titled “McMansion & Wife” in the show’s 35th season. In a self-referential moment, Homer makes a comment about his firm handshake being a result of his past penchant for Bart’s neck—only to follow up with, “Just kidding. I don’t do that anymore. Times have changed.” This led some to believe that the show was evolving away from the controversial joke.

#### Social Media Sparks Debate

As is often the case, social networks quickly lit up with discussions. Longtime fans debated the significance of the gag, and it’s worth noting that it’s been quite some time since Homer last gave Bart a throttling on the show. The last occurrence was in a season 31 episode where Homer is strangled himself, bringing forth a moment of empathy for Bart.

Regardless of whether the joke is retired, “The Simpsons” is no stranger to change. Hank Azaria’s departure from voicing Apu was a notable example of the show responding to evolving cultural sensitivities.

### The Future of ‘The Simpsons’

Change or no change, “The Simpsons” continues its legendary run, having been renewed through 2025. Not only does it remain a staple of television comedy, but it has recently experienced a resurgence, garnering accolades from both fans and critics.

In conclusion, the beloved antics of Homer Simpson appear to be in no danger of being put to rest anytime soon. Despite the occasional uproar and the series’ natural progression, the heart of “The Simpsons” beats on, continuing to bring laughter to new generations while honoring the idiosyncrasies that have made it a cultural mainstay.

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