Marvel Grants Creative Freedom, Says Captain Marvel Artist David López

# The Resurgence of Captain Marvel: An Interview with David López

Carol Danvers, better known as Captain Marvel, has seen a remarkable resurgence in recent years, largely due to the influential work of writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and the artistic talents of Spanish artist David López. This character renaissance not only provided depth and strength to the once side-lined superheroine but also significantly influenced her portrayal in the cinematic universe. As the film “The Marvels” makes its debut, we take the opportunity to speak with David López, one of the visionaries behind Captain Marvel’s modern transformation.

## The Iconic Redesign of Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers was a character whose potential had not been fully explored until DeConnick’s writing and López’s artistic interpretation breathed new life into her. López recounts the collaborative nature of comic creation, underscoring that while Jamie McKelvie led the visual redesign, he played a crucial role during a turning point in the character’s evolution. Under DeConnick’s guidance, Captain Marvel transitioned from a secondary figure to a primary hero—a change that López proudly contributed to with his interpretation of her persona.

## Creative Freedom and Limits within Marvel

When asked about the creative liberties allowed by Marvel, López provides a candid response. He acknowledges that while there is a degree of freedom, it is always under the scope of what Marvel deems permissible. Despite these constraints, he shares an anecdote about the flexibility of comics as a medium, exemplified by a spontaneous decision to write an entire issue in verse—a feat far more feasible in comics than on the silver screen.

## The Cinematic Interpretation of Captain Marvel

Speaking on the cinematic portrayal, López expresses his anticipation for “The Marvels” and his appreciation for the character’s on-screen development, which aligns closely with the complex, empowered Captain Marvel that he and DeConnick envisioned.

## The Realities of a Comic Book Artist’s Life

López doesn’t shy away from discussing the lesser-known aspects of a comic book artist’s career, including the intense workload and the tradeoffs involved in working for a major publisher like Marvel, where rights to one’s creations are relinquished.

## Advice for Aspiring Comic Book Artists

López reflects on the integral role that work ethic, tenacity, and a pinch of luck played in his own successful career. He acknowledges the contributions of pioneering Spanish artists who have paved the way for others and notes the now-global talent pool that Marvel draws from.

## Future Projects and the Comic Industry’s Direction

Without revealing too much, López teases his upcoming projects, including his personal series “BlackHand IronHead,” which showcases his creative control outside of his work with major publishers. He also contemplates the unique challenges that Marvel faces in continuing to captivate audiences post-Avengers saga.

## Reflecting on Personal Heroes and Future Aspirations

In a lighter moment, López shares his personal favorite hero—Spider-Man—and his dream of reimagining SuperGirl, while humorously admitting his struggles with drawing Superman to his satisfaction.

In this detailed and sincere discussion, David López offers insights into the complex interplay between creativity and industry, the joys and challenges of being a comic book artist, and the profound impact that team efforts have on the enduring legacies of superheroes like Captain Marvel.

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