María Gabriela De Faría Cast as Lead Antagonist in Superman: Legacy

# María Gabriela De Faría Joins “Superman: Legacy” as The Engineer

DC Studios is full of surprises, and their latest casting announcement has made a significant stir in the superhero world. Venezuelan actress María Gabriela De Faría, known for her roles in “Animal Control” and “The Moodys,” has been chosen to portray a pivotal character in the upcoming “Superman: Legacy.”

## The Role of The Engineer

De Faría will step into the shoes of Angela Spica, better known as The Engineer, a member of The Authority with the remarkable ability to modify her liquid machinery body into various types of weaponry. This news was first reported by Deadline, shedding light on the impressive capabilities of her role.

James Gunn, involved in shaping the DCU’s new direction, took to social media platform Threads to express his excitement about De Faría’s casting. Contrary to the original reports which labeled The Engineer as a potential villain, Gunn emphasized, “I wouldn’t necessarily call The Engineer a villain.” He further welcomed her to the DCU, praising not only her acting prowess but also her infectious laughter, which he claimed surpassed even her delightful Instagram presence.

## Star-Studded Cast and New Beginnings

“Superman: Legacy” brings together an ensemble cast, with David Corenswet as the iconic Man of Steel and Rachel Brosnahan as the intrepid Lois Lane. Despite mixed reactions from DC enthusiasts about the trajectory of cinematic universes, the internet responded positively to these casting choices.

The film will also feature Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern, Edi Gathegi as Mister Terrific, Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl, and Anthony Carrigan as Metamorpho. Gunn has confirmed that these actors will extend their roles into other DCU projects, hinting at a more interconnected universe.

## A Tale of Heritage and Heroism

Slated for a July 11, 2025 release, “Superman: Legacy” will delve into Superman’s mission of reconciling his Kryptonian roots with his upbringing in Kansas. It is set to be the inaugural project of “Gods and Monsters,” the first chapter in the revamped DCU, consisting of five films and five television series. Gunn has specified that the film is neither an origin story nor a narrative about a young Superman, stirring curiosity about the direction in which he’s taking the character.

## Henry Cavill’s Confusion and Gunn’s Direction

There had been much speculation around Henry Cavill’s involvement after he hinted at returning to the Superman role with the release of “Black Adam.” However, following the leadership overhaul by Gunn and Peter Safran at DC, it was clarified that Cavill would not be donning the cape again.

James Gunn, who also penned the script for “Superman: Legacy,” later announced that he would direct the feature as well. Known for his Marvel work on “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Gunn reassured fans that “Superman: Legacy” would sport a different style. As the film enters pre-production, Gunn has alluded to the possibility of a mature tone, while still aiming for a PG-13 rating.

As anticipation builds for “Superman: Legacy,” fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting for more details to emerge. With James Gunn at the helm and an exciting new cast, the DC Universe is preparing to soar to new heights.

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