Magical Game Coming to Xbox Game Pass Ideal for Stardew Valley Fans

# Spirittea: An Enchanting New Adventure Awaits on Xbox Game Pass

As the days grow chillier and the nights longer, November brings warmth through a bundle of fresh arrivals in the Xbox Game Pass lineup. This month, subscribers are graced with a selection of stellar new releases, including the beautifully unique ‘Jusant’ and the edge-of-your-seat escapade of ‘Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.’ However, there’s one debut we’re particularly excited to spotlight.

## Spirittea: The First Gem from Cheesemaster Games

Diving headfirst into the world of gaming, Cheesemaster Games presents its first creation, ‘Spirittea,’ set to enchant players on **November 13**. Not only is this the studio’s industry debut, but ‘Spirittea’ will simultaneously launch on Xbox Game Pass, allowing subscribers instant access to this magic adventure on day one. We’re keen to share the details, but first, take a moment to be captivated by its alluring trailer.

### Helping Lost Spirits: Your Quest in Spirittea

The trailer reveals a realm reminiscent of the beloved ‘Stardew Valley,’with a twist—spirits are at the core of this experience. ‘Spirittea’ introduces a town overwhelmed by “problematic spirits” who have drifted because “humans have stopped worshipping them, leaving offerings or even thinking about them.” As the protagonist, you possess the unique ability to not only see these spirits but also help them.

While town residents are oblivious to the spirits’ existence, they certainly feel the effects of their mischief. Your mission? Utilize an ancient bathhouse to appease these otherworldly inhabitants. Take on the role of the bathhouse owner, tasked with attracting spirit clients, keeping the retreat spotless, and enhancing the decor to create a sanctuary that will delight the spirits.

‘Spirittea’ promises to be a tranquil and enthralling experience, one that’s bound to leave a lasting impression. Ready for a spiritual retreat? You don’t have to wait until release—dabble in the otherworldly with a demo available now on Steam.

![Spirittea Screenshot](

## More Than Just Spirittea: Recent Additions to Xbox Game Pass

The start of the month has been a bountiful one for Xbox Game Pass holders, with titles like ‘Jusant,’ ‘Headbangers: Rhythm Royale,’ ‘Wartales,’ ‘Thirsty Suitors,’ ‘Football Manager 2024,’ ‘Dungeons 4,’ ‘Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name,’ and ‘Wild Hearts’ all becoming available. ‘Spirittea’ takes the spotlight on November 13, closely followed by the much-anticipated ‘Coral Island’ on **November 14, 2023**.

But it’s a game of hellos and goodbyes; as we welcome these exciting additions, let’s not forget to bid farewell to several titles that will soon depart from the Game Pass library. Keep yourself updated with the complete list of these soon-to-be-missed games [here](#).

As we settle into the month of November, the Xbox Game Pass has us covered with a cozy blanket of entrancing new games. From managing a bathhouse for whimsical spirits to making strategic decisions in a fantasy kingdom, there’s an adventure for everyone waiting in the Game Pass catalog. So grab your controller and dive into this treasure trove of gaming delights.

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