Leonardo Lomelí Inaugurates Term as UNAM Rector

Dr. Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas Inaugurated as the New Rector of UNAM

On November 17, 2023, a significant event took place at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)—the appointment of a new rector, marking a milestone in the institution’s storied history. Dr. Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas took the official oath to serve as the rector of UNAM, Mexico’s most prestigious academic establishment and a beacon of learning in Latin America.

A New Leadership for UNAM

Selected by the Governing Board on November 9, Lomelí Vanegas assumes his new role with a wealth of experience, succeeding Enrique Graue. A graduate in economics, with advanced degrees in history, he brings a unique blend of expertise to the position. His tenure promises to be an interesting chapter for the educational institution that stands among the top 100 universities globally according to the QS World University Rankings 2024, dominating as a key academic force in Latin America.

Dr. Lomelí Vanegas’s Professional Journey

Throughout his professional tenure, Dr. Lomelí Vanegas has already played pivotal roles at UNAM. His past includes serving on the academic committee of the College of History of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and leading as president of the National Association of Economics Students. Furthermore, he took on the directorship of the Faculty of Economics from February 15, 2010, until 2018. His experience was further enriched when he was appointed as the general secretary of UNAM by the previous rector, Enrique Graue Wiechers, in 2015.

A University with a Rich Heritage

The history of UNAM is deeply interwoven with the intellectual and political history of Mexico. Founded during the colonial era, the university embarked on its modern phase in 1910 under Justo Sierra and later achieved autonomy in 1929. Since its inception, it has been instrumental in shaping the country’s development on many levels. Notably, UNAM has produced at least six presidents of Mexico, including the current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Challenges and Expectations for the Future

UNAM has faced criticisms for becoming “right-wing,” particularly under the administration of President López Obrador. This strained relationship commenced with the beginning of his government term in December 2018. President López Obrador has expressed hope that under Dr. Lomelí Vanegas’s leadership, UNAM will embark on “better paths,” reaffirming its commitment to progress and community engagement.

During a press conference, López Obrador highlighted his expectation for a significant shift at UNAM. He emphasized the need for the university to distance itself from elitism and to once again become closely aligned with the wider population’s aspirations. Furthermore, he pointed to the influence of graduates from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) at UNAM’s Legal Research Institute as an indicator of the desired change in direction.

An Era of Expectation

As Dr. Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas steps into his role as UNAM’s 35th rector, the university community and observers alike await the new directions and innovations he will bring to the forefront. His tenure, which lasts from 2023 to 2027, comes with prospects for re-election, potentially extending his influence over one of Latin America’s most critical educational institutions.

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