Jurassic World’s ‘Chaos Theory’: Intense Trailer for New Animated Show

# Netflix Unveils “Jurassic World: Chaos Theory” During Geeked Week ’23

Netflix recently gave fans a tantalizing glimpse into the future of dinosaur-laden adventures during Geeked Week ’23 with the reveal of **Jurassic World: Chaos Theory**, a new animated series that is set to premiere in 2024. The sneak peek indicates that viewers can look forward to following an older Darius Bowman and “Big Eatie,” the T-Rex fans will recognize from Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.

## An Announcement Roaring Through Time

The announcement sparked excitement across Twitter, where Netflix Geeked shared the news about the upcoming series:

> “An exciting new announcement coming out of one of the biggest franchises of the last 25 years. JURASSIC WORLD: CHAOS THEORY. Coming to Netflix in 2024 #GeekedWeek pic.twitter.com/Wa9COCulas”
> — Netflix Geeked (@NetflixGeeked) November 9, 2023

While specifics about the series are scarce, Netflix’s official slogan for **Jurassic World: Chaos Theory** sheds light on the storyline’s era: “After the closure of the park, after the fall of the kingdom, **A new era of chaos begins… Jurassic World: Chaos Theory comes to Netflix in 2024.**” This cryptic description hints that the series may take place post-Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, yet the exact timeline remains intriguingly ambiguous.

## Darius Bowman: The Evolution of a Hero

The trailer released shows a pursuit of a T-Rex eerily reminiscent of “Big Eatie” with its distinctive blue-gray skin and yellow eyes. This culminates in the unmistakable T-Rex roar and a glimpse of a vehicle halting to a stop. As the driver exits the vehicle, viewers are led to believe that this could be an aged Darius Bowman making a return.

**Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous** aired over the course of five seasons, during which “Big Eatie” and her offspring, “Little Eatie,” served as secondary characters in the fourth and fifth seasons. The series left us with Big Eatie rescuing Darius from a formidable Spinosaurus known as Asset 87, with both T-Rexes left to survive in a largely unknown dinosaur sanctuary—a secret that the trailer seems to hint has now been revealed.

## More Geeked Week News and Anticipations

For those hungry for more Geeked Week updates, Netflix also announced that the second season of the popular series Arcane is set to release in November 2024. Additionally, fans eager for the hit show Stranger Things can find teasers for its fifth season.

Stay tuned to find out how older Darius Bowman, “Big Eatie,” and the rest of the beloved Jurassic World creatures navigate the “new era of chaos” when **Jurassic World: Chaos Theory** storms onto Netflix in 2024.

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