Jeremy White’s Failed Audition for a Marvel Role, Star of ‘The Bear’

### Jeremy Allen White Reflects on Avoiding the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Jeremy Allen White, acclaimed for his riveting performance in *The Bear*, made headlines recently when it became known that he had an opportunity to star in a Marvel movie—a chance which he seemingly let slip through his fingers. Despite what many may consider a lost opportunity, White carries no regrets about the direction his career has taken.

#### Rising Star Post-Shameless

In a candid conversation with GQ published on Tuesday, White opened up about his blossoming career post-*Shameless*. The actor’s role in *The Bear* catapulted him into the spotlight, earning him critical acclaim and an Emmy nomination. With the show’s recent renewal for a third season and White’s upcoming role in A24’s *The Iron Claw*, set to release in December, his career trajectory is only climbing higher, opening him up to a slew of new opportunities—including, some might speculate, a Marvel movie.

#### Riz Ahmed’s Marvel Query

It’s hardly abnormal for actors of White’s caliber to be looped into conversations about superhero films, and White was no exception. Riz Ahmed, upon meeting him, inquired when White would take his talents to the Marvel universe. White admitted to GQ that he did have a meeting about a Marvel role, but feels he misinterpreted the situation.

#### The Marvel Meeting Misunderstanding

White recounted his Marvel experience with a touch of humor: “I had a meeting for some sort of Marvel movie. I think I read it all wrong.” The response to his less-than-conventional approach? “They were like, ‘Fuck you.’ And I was like, ‘Okay.'” White revealed that during the meeting, he wasn’t exactly clamoring for the role but rather questioned the executives, “Tell me why I should make your movie.”

This unorthodox approach seemingly did not endear him to the Marvel hiring team. Adding to this, White expressed his puzzlement over how superhero films have become seen as the pinnacle of an actor’s career. Despite his earlier faux pas, he later offered some praise for the genre, acknowledging that superhero movies attract talented filmmakers and actors.

#### A Preference for Mid-Budget Films

Although the possibility of seeing Jeremy Allen White in a superhero blockbuster intrigues many, his skepticism toward the genre is understandable. Both the DC Universe, presently under James Gunn’s guidance, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, allegedly experiencing internal struggles, are traversing tricky terrain.

With a preference for mid-budget films and a keen interest in more nuanced roles, White maintains his focus on projects like *The Iron Claw*, which releases on December 22. Fans of the actor can look forward to his future endeavors, even if they don’t involve capes and cosmic battles.

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