“Is Fear of the Dark Gripping You?” (35 characters)

# Netflix’s Geeked Week Unveils DreamWorks’ “Orion and the Darkness”

Netflix’s Geeked Week has brought an array of exciting news and sneak peeks for eager fans, one of the highlights being **DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming animated film, “Orion and the Darkness.”** The celebratory week has been chock-full of announcements and fresh content, but one of the most anticipated moments was the release of the film’s first look.

## First Glimpse at the Magical Adventure

The debut trailer of “Orion and the Darkness” swept through the internet, captivating audiences with its promise of a mystical journey. The trailer offers a peek at the **”one night stand”** between Orion and his newfound companion, Darkness, setting the stage for a narrative filled with intrigue and emotion.

The excitement was further fueled by a new image revealed prior to the trailer’s release. It showed Orion, the protagonist, lying on his bed overwhelmed by fear, while the personification of Darkness watches over him. This poignant snapshot has certainly managed to stir up anticipation amongst viewers.

### A Release Date to Look Forward To

Marking their calendars, fans of animated films can look forward to the theatrical release of the film on **February 2, 2024**. The date, specified in the trailer, practically invites audiences to begin the countdown for what seems to be an enchanting cinematic experience.

## The Craft Behind “Orion and the Darkness”

An adaptation of Emma Yarlett’s renowned work, “Orion and the Darkness” showcases the creative synergy between DreamWorks Animation and Netflix. With Sean Charmatz at the helm as director and Charlie Kaufman weaving the narrative arc, the film is expected to be a masterful blend of storytelling and visual splendor.

The narrative centers around Orion, a timid young boy besieged by his fears, more so of the dark that seems to engulf him each night. The profound essence of the film lies in the unconventional friendship that develops between Orion and Darkness, the latter taking on the role of a benevolent guide. The central theme ponders over an evocative question: **Can Darkness help Orion conquer his phobias?**

## Star-Studded Voices

The voice cast is headlined by the talented **Jacob Tremblay and Paul Walter Hauser**, elevating the film’s appeal. Tremblay lends his voice to the apprehensive yet relatable Orion, while Hauser brings the enigmatic character of Darkness to life with his vocal performance, promising to add depth and complexity to the film.

## Geeked Week’s Plethora of Surprises

Netflix’s Geeked Week hasn’t held back with its offerings. Beyond “Orion and the Darkness,” fans have been treated to the first trailer for “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and insights into the second season of “Arcane: League of Legends.” And with the promise of a new trailer for “Rebel Moon,” the excitement continues to build.

As we eagerly await these premieres, it’s clear that Netflix and DreamWorks have tapped into the hearts of geeks worldwide with their compelling storytelling, engaging visuals, and innovative animation. With “Orion and the Darkness,” they are set to transport viewers to a world where fear meets friendship and darkness guides the way to light.

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