Immortals Reboot with Henry Cavill Sets Release Period

# “Highlander” Reboot Set for 2026 Premiere with Henry Cavill

## A New Era for “The Immortals”

The iconic film franchise “The Immortals” is set to return to the silver screen with a fresh reboot, and fans can expect an exhilarating cinematic release in 2026. Gracing the reboot with his presence is none other than Henry Cavill, known for his roles in “The Witcher” and “Man of Steel”, bringing a new edge to the beloved series often likened to “John Wick with swords.”

## Lionsgate Schedules the Reboot

Lionsgate Motion Picture Group’s president Joe Drake confirmed the upcoming movie “The Immortals” during a financial meeting, revealing its scheduled release for the year 2026. Directing this anticipated reboot is Chad Stahelski, the creative force behind “John Wick.” Production is anticipated to commence following the resolution of the ongoing Hollywood actors’ strike, providing a clear path for the film’s development.

## Rebooting a Beloved Franchise

In August, Chad Stahelski hinted at the reboot’s potential to forge a vast new chapter in the “Highlander” universe. “I think we have some really good elements now,” stated Stahelski, reflecting on the delicate balance needed, given the franchise’s famous tagline, “there can only be one.” According to Stahelski, the reboot will not only involve key characters from the original but will also incorporate elements from the popular television series, setting the stage for a prequel-like “Gathering” and creating fertile ground for the franchise to expand.

## Cavill’s Role Remains Mysterious

Despite the excitement, the specific details of the plot remain shrouded in mystery. It is still unclear if Cavill will be stepping into the iconic role of Connor MacLeod or portraying a brand-new character altogether. What is known, however, is Cavill’s own enthusiasm for the project, having expressed his lifelong fandom for “Highlander” via an Instagram post when the film was initially announced two years earlier. Cavill’s admiration for the original films and the television series, combined with Chad Stahelski’s directorial prowess, underscores the project as a singular opportunity in the actor’s career.

With the promise of another action-packed adventure addended with the DNA of the franchise’s past successes, audiences worldwide are holding their breath in anticipation for what could be a revitalizing chapter for “The Immortals.” As swords clash and destinies intertwine, the journey to 2026 continues, building up to what can only be described as a cinematic event for both new and die-hard fans of the “Highlander” legacy.

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