Immortals of Aveum Rolls Out First Major Update

### Immortals of Aveum Receives Major Update: The Echollector

Electronic Arts and Ascendant Studios have just rolled out the most significant update yet for their action-packed title, *Immortals of Aveum*. Entitled “The Echollector,” this patch brings the game up to version and is now available across all platforms.

### The Echollector Update: What’s New?

With the Echollector update, *Immortals of Aveum* goes beyond just a regular patch by introducing exciting endgame content. Players can now tackle challenges with four additional Shatterfans, which are set to provide a satisfying extension to protagonist Jak’s quest. The mission is clear: purge Aveum of the corrupt Shatterfans and thwart the Echollector, a magical construct hellbent on draining the power of The Path.

The update doesn’t stop at gameplay content; there are also enhancements to game performance, user experience improvements, and the introduction of pivotal features like the immensely anticipated New Game Plus.

### Legendary Loot and New Game Plus

Players can undertake new quests that yield tantalizing gear such as a new Legendary Green Seal, enhancing their arsenal substantially. Moreover, these quests reveal more about the Ecollector, casting a light on its origins as an ancient Arystean entity.

The New Game Plus mode is a game-changer, allowing players to embark on their Aveum adventure anew while retaining critical advancements made previously. Here’s a bonus: Epic and Legendary gear can be upgraded even further, and the enemy statistics have been meticulously recalibrated to ensure a fresh challenge.

### The Grand Magnus Difficulty and Trial Version

For gamers seeking the ultimate thrill, the Grand Magnus difficulty has been added, representing the pinnacle of what *Immortals of Aveum* has to offer with even tougher combat tests.

To mark The Echollector update’s arrival, EA has rolled out a trial version of *Immortals of Aveum*. This teaser is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam, letting new players get a taste of the action.

### Game’s Reception and Studio’s Struggles

Despite *Immortals of Aveum* launching to a warm critical reception in August 2023, sales did not meet expectations leading to financial woes at Ascendant Studios. Consequently, this resulted in the regrettable dismissal of 45% of its workforce.

Our review celebrated *Immortals of Aveum*’s reliance on mechanics borrowed from various genres, its vibrant first-person gameplay filled with an array of explosions, colors, and an elaborate plot that stands out in its category. We also applauded the complex difficulty that pushes players to evolve and adapt their combat styles continually.

*Immortals of Aveum* continues to captivate fans with these updates, and The Echollector promises to add even more depth and excitement to this explosive FPS adventure.

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